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  1. Not sure yet. Only so much time to devote to this at the moment. Still searching! http://www.athenaparts.com/eng/blog/athena--ktm-team-de-carli-rinnovata-la-partnership-per-la-stagione-2018
  2. That is what I have been thinking about. Wondering how responsive it would be. Really wish I could get my hands on one of KTMs DI test mules.
  3. Lower emissions, longer engine life, more power, less oil consumption, more reliable, less maintenance. I need to figure out how to get in touch with some engineers at BRP
  4. This is what I was thinking, I just want a single cylinder version for a dirt bike
  5. It isnt really that he needs to grow up if you ask me....i think its time MOST people grow up and stop bowing down to shit politicians. Believing and following politicians is about the most childish act you can do as an adult.....yet these idiots lead the country. So, yes, i second putting together a well trained militia and fighting the communism. India is dealing with major environmental issues. Reducing pollution from vehicles is easy. We did it, all the research has been done and all the technology exists. The upgrade is an investment in reducing health issues. They cannot afford to stay the course. This is something all industrialized nations go through. New cars don't pollute. What comes out the tailpipe is plant food.
  6. I am starting to wonder if the intake should be wide open all the time and put a valve on the exhaust instead to control power/rpm. This might allow for raw air/fuel to be prevented from entering exhaust.
  7. What I'm saying is, while race engines sacrifice fuel efficiency, emissions, and component lifespan for maximum performance...... I am willing to sacrifice performance to reduce toxic emissions. I agree that assuming it is a zero sum game is flawed. I am just making my personal constraints clear. The primary goal is clean burning. I am down the ol' rabbit hole.....
  8. Just to get back to the main point here, if power:weight ratio has to decrease...... so be it. The biggest thing is to reduce toxic emissions whilst keeping the simple and cheap to maintain platform. Anything that gets away from simple and inexpensive maintenance is going to wrong direction. For me anyways. More power would be great, but that's not the point. It takes about as long to shim a 4 stroke as it takes to replace the whole top end on a 2 stroke. FYI, I consider computers and fuel injection something that simplifies things. I'll take a 20% loss of power to get a clean 2 stroke enduro bike. Competition use no one cares about emissions. I do care when my family or friends is breathing that shit every weekend we go riding. Let's do what we can, where we can.
  9. https://www.ecotrons.com/small_engine_fuel_injection_kit/2_stroke_small_engine_fuel_injection_kit/
  10. I am also wondering how the atomization time of fuel is affected by fuel temperature. AKA, add heat to the fuel prior to injection to reduce the time required for atomization.
  11. Have you seen anyone try to use direct injection? As in high pressure directly into combustion chamber like the spark plug.
  12. cam buckle straps work 'ok' to help lower back down a bit more gentle. not perfect, but if you're not stupid it works.
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