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    GPS Apps/Sites

    I am still figuring this one out. GPS units don’t seem to suit my purpose as I like to follow a route/track whatever. They seem to always be rerouting you away from the track. I have been using an app called footpath. It’s not perfect. But does pretty good. Can put my phone in airplane mode and the gps in the phone keeps track still.
  2. Haha. That there is funny. I doubt he noticed it was old. Was probably just going through posts on the brand. I would like to know the HP of the whole beta 4 stroke line. Just to know. Might help me decide which one I want more.
  3. I’ve used dromedary bags on multi week backpacking trips and think they’d be awesome. When empty they take up no space compared to a solid container. Probably just need to rig it on the bike to avoid punctures. Should be easy to do.
  4. I think the 250l are great bikes. Not sure about the rally (extra weight) as I haven’t ridden it. But here is my assessment. For reference. I’m relatively new to moto. Not a motocross guy. But love getting out in the ozarks. From gravel roads to off road trail and single track. 1) freakin bullet proof motor. - 8000 mile oil changes. Aka. More than most people ever put in a motorcycle. 2) easy to learn. The clutch and gearing are easy for a beginner. 3). It’s fun. I have ridden some very advanced technical stuff on this bike. I’m lighter than you at 180ish. But it was fine. No matter what people say about the suspension. It’s not going to hold you back. 4). The suspension is perhaps undersprung. But it is also plush. Which is comfortable. It rises very low in the stroke. In fact when it’s on the kickstand and you lean on it it goes so far into the suspension it scares me every time that it’s gonna tip. Hahah. Not sure it’s worth fixing but maybe a future project. 5). It’s not a ktm. It’s not a motocross bike. I like the drz. They are about the same weight. I prefer fuel injection. I know some don’t. But as long as you know what the bike is when you buy it there will be zero disappointment. It’s a compromise bike. 6). It may be too small for you. I’m only 5’11. But have a longish inseam. On long rides I wish I had more distance between seat and pegs. But. For the price and what it is. The others are going to fit similarly.
  5. Schog - in also in bentonville. Just bought a 2019 crf250l for my wife. It’s a lot of fun. If your interested - me and a few friends like to get together on nice weekends and plan a good dual sport ride.
  6. I just bought one and it cost me $12 retail. So you figure for Honda that’s like 2 dollars in parts. Maybe on the warranty. Seems like a thin excuse. More likely, they just miss that end users would like it.
  7. Why don’t they put a few USB ports on the existing display? That would be so easy for them to do.
  8. I think it’s a square root relationship to the inverse curve of the linear progression?
  9. I read it. But the sensation I would describe isn’t scooping the pedals. It’s unweighting them as you are pushing the handlebars forward. Anyway. Enough of this. Scoop your damn pedals if you must.
  10. Without clipless pedals you can’t lift with your feet. You just can’t. It’s kind of a bounce. Even with no suspension the tires will compress. I don’t know the exact physics of it. But I have bunny hopped enough times and ridden enough miles on mountain bikes to know what I’m talking about.
  11. Thank Jesus someone else can say how stupid it sounds to put a foot under a pedal or to wrap a foot???
  12. A bunny hop does. Or involve toes wrapped around the pedal. It isn’t possible. Just like an Ollie on a skateboard doesn’t require wrapping anything under the board.
  13. What kind of mileage do you get with the vortex? Is this something Honda will improve. Are the 2020’s better than the 2019’s? It seemed like an amazing motorcycle. But that bugs the shot out of me
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