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  1. Thank for the update. Those Sachs fork tubes sound like real winners.
  2. Well that will suck. I was curious as to what the proper spring ended up being. Oh well........ In any event, thank you all for a wonderfully entertaining thread. ­čśő
  3. Thanks for the comments weantright. That's what I was thinking but it's always nice to have others real you back in when you're heading off the reservation.
  4. Exactly my thoughts. Either way I think a visit to Warren is probably in order. Tune up the KYBs or purchase the MXT cartridges. Ultimately I think either setup will give me what i want. So if all things being equal with ride quality, now it comes down to which is the more durable configuration and pricing differences between the two? For the sake of argument, if the pricing difference holds at ~$400 between the RR and RE for 2020 like it was for the 2019, it appears to be more logical to go the KYB route (with some additional non-required bling) and just have it tuned as opposed to the RR with a $1K bill on top of that. This is where my thinking is but certain I am probably missing angles???
  5. Hey All, great thread and glad to see that it is still going as I am curious to now compare the 2020 RE KYB option vs 2020 RR option with MXT cartridge upgrade? I am looking at getting back into the game and have been watching Beta for a while now and am sold on the 300 2T but still up in the air as the best route for suspension. If there is a way to save the shekles by purchasing the right fork up front I'd certainly like to take advantage. I've spoke to Warren at Enduro Spec (awesome guy BTW) and prior to the KYB option he suggested MXT all the way over CC, which based on research of the Sachs CC I was sold on. But with the KYB now in the picture I'm curious as to the pros and cons of going each way. After 5 years hiatus I'm hoping that it won't take to long to get back up to the middle of the B pack and with a relocation from the South West to Colorado it looks like I'll be riding more rocky tight terrain 70% than desert trails 30%. Curious as to what those with experience with both platforms think?
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