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  1. mikeh1885

    Tt mcct

    It was the wind up type, but the chain probably is maxed out for the ACCT. The dealer did not tell me it was, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. So i'll just see what happens and if need be i'll replace the chain.
  2. mikeh1885

    Tt mcct

    After replacing 2 ACCT units on my 01 Drz and paying the dealer way too much money to do it, I decided to try one of these MCCTs from Thumpertalk. It took me about an hour to install and the noise is gone. The ACCT must have been putting zero pressure on the chain because it was so loud. I'm very happy with the MCCT.
  3. Yeah im in the triangle research area. I've been riding ds for a long time but I just replaced my mt21s for stockers because i've been commuting on the drz. Im up for riding though.
  4. mikeh1885

    Miles to Butt Pain Ratio?

    I think my longest ride on the drz was from Monroe NJ to Wildwood NJ. Hung out in Wildwood for a half hour or so then went back. Google maps said it was about 250mi round trip. It did quite a job on my mt21s too.
  5. mikeh1885

    '04 TE450 NJ Street Legal?

    I have an 04 Smr 450 street legal in New Jersey, I know it did not come street legal from the factory because I know the dealer "Central Jersey Cycles" he told me he made it street legal and put the lighting kit on it. I would say check with DMV for sure, Try asking Central Jersey Cycles for advice, but it probably could be done. Good luck.
  6. mikeh1885

    DRZ to Husky or vice versa?????

    I started with an 01 Drz-400s and then I bought the 04 Husky smr450. I did'nt sell the Drz though its way more comfortable for long trips.
  7. mikeh1885

    Way To go Forrest

    Yeah that place is great. My Zeta and Drc stuff is amazing and Forrest knows his stuff about it too. I was having problems with blinkers and he set me up with the i/c relay, works great now.
  8. 2 four strokes. 01 Drz-400s & 04 Smr-450
  9. I bought a set of LED blinker guards by Zeta and they wont blink they just light up. They cause the back blinker to do the same and it is a regular bulb. As soon as I disconnect the Zeta LEDs and put the regular bulb on the front everything works fine. The bike has regular 12v flashers, It is a Husqvarna made street legal. could this be the problem? Do LEDs need something different than a 12v flasher. The LEDs on my DRZ-400s work fine and it used to have regular bulbs. Can anyone help me out. Im lost. Thanks.
  10. mikeh1885

    Smr 450 kickstand springs

    That would be cool if you could. I did manage to install it "my way" and it works but it would be nice to know if I did it right. and thank you for the help.
  11. mikeh1885

    Smr 450 kickstand springs

    I was wondering if anyone with a smr 510 or 450 can post a pic of their kickstand. I am trying to get the springs on because mine broke and I could not tell how they were on because parts flew all over. I searched the threads but the guy with the tc250 has a different kind of stand and that rig did not work on my bike. Thanks.
  12. mikeh1885

    Dual sport conversion, inspection question

    Haha, I guess that was a bit cheap. But X-treame passed it. It was a nice electrical taping job. But I did redo them with leds and an edge:thumbsup:
  13. mikeh1885

    Dual sport conversion, inspection question

    yeah you should avoid dmv they suck, I spent 20 min there while they inspected my helmet for the proper square inches of reflective tape, and they failed me for having a taped blinker on my drz.
  14. mikeh1885

    04 Smr speedometer

    My bike has this gma sport 500 speedometer and its way off, I was wondering if anyone knew how to program a different wheel circumference into it to make it accurate. I dont even know if its the speedo that came with the bike because it was made street legal. If not what are some good aftermarket speedometers that are somewhat easy to install. Thanks.
  15. mikeh1885

    Any northern NJ riders here?

    I have a plated drz400 and a sm450, im 10min from englishtown, i'll go riding.