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  1. Hello, I am new to this forum and certainly new to purchasing bikes. I plan on being a 50/50 rider, half trails and half track. I live in Central Valley, Fresno. I plan to ride a track in Handford, dove springs, Miami trails, and other Sierra National Forrest locations. I am hoping to get some advice on what I should buy. I would really prefer to buy a green sticker, in the past I had a KTM xc-w 450 and loved it, seemed good for both styles of riding. Now that I'm on my own money with buying a bike I'm not interested in spending an extra 2k for KTM. I've been looking at the Kx 450 and CRF 450r. My question is whether or not these models are both red sticker, I've read different things on every page I go to. If both are red sticker, do you guys have any advice on what would be a good option for me? I'm 215, 6'1" and would say I am an intermediate rider. I'd like to stay below 5k. Thanks for any information!
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