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  1. Yes I did clean the carb and I just went ahead and replaced the Jets I just don't understand cause it was running great when I parked her but on Saturday and on Sunday nothen it sounds like she wants to start but she won't and my spark plug is dry not sure how much if any fuel should be on plug but I'm getting nothen
  2. Think u not to sure how to start my own thread lol but no I have not checked the valves not sure how to do that
  3. Yes I have spark and it does have fuel I replaced the voltage regulator and the coil cleaned carb and replaced the Jets but I don't think the fuel is getting to the spark
  4. So I have a question I have a 1989 xr600 I road her one day every thing was fine came home a parked her went to ride the next day and nothen so for a few weeks now I'm getting no were I did replace all electrical but still nothen she is not even wanting to pop off also my spark plugs r dry not sure if that's right or not I also took apart the carb cleansed it and even replaced the jet on it can someone please help me I'm stumped at this point
  5. Not sure if I'm in the right place but I have a 1989 XR 600 and for a few weeks now it will not start so I changed out all the electric parts with new and I'm trying to wire up the new voltage regulator it's a 12v Electrosport but the wire colors r not the same my old one was yellow and green but the new ones r yellow and black and it looks the the black wire was set up to be a ground help how do I wire it up
  6. I have a 1989Xr600 was riding great one day next day nothen it has spark compression and gas in carb but spark plug is dry we took an art and cleaned the carb but nothen what am I missing
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