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  1. Its about to run but my problem is that i need a proper worklight lol. Stuff like fenders and such i do at my work as well so i can put them in blindfolded but the custom oil hoses require me to see things in the daylight
  2. Fenders came in so i can finally see how the wheel offset is going to look. Normally the wheels stick out past the fenders but this looks a ton better aswell imho
  3. So i had planned to do the oil tank and hoses and mount the ignition coils bit i did get some small stuff done i left out along the way Cur off the spindle to fit the shorter hubs Cut the round edges for the radiator hole, about ready to put the scoop on fitted gas tank back in. Started fitting the radiator hoses but iam short a couple of pipes that are in the mail. also test fitted and modified the new seat base and cut the key stock So now theres only a couple of things to do on the short list: Radiator scoop. Oil tank and hoses. Control cables. Mounting ignition coils and minor wiring Replacing some bolts on the wheel bearing plate to aid in allignment. Aligning engine and welding rear bracket The long list is a lot longer including some things like new steering rack, steering quicker, steering wheel change and changing the angle and ofcourse making a cover for the rear etc etc.
  4. Little bump but jesus i couldnt stop thinking about this topic when i set my pants on fire with the big angle grinder today. This pic was taken just after it happened, doesnt look bad here but just cleaned it and the skin can just be pulled off like a banana. Reminder: my legs are normally milky white and fluffy
  5. Hose for the filler tank arrived, ill just use it as a fill point so iam venting any overflow to air. And the overflow will go trough the firewall aswell as boiling water over your feet isnt that pleasant Edit: Forgot to mention that the front hubs came in and shes rollin, didnt make any new pics of that today but i rolled her out front to the shed and cleaned her up a bit. Good to finally be able to move her out from the rear of the property and roll her back at night again.
  6. So is my wifes vibrator, but i dont really think you can call that a real investment either.
  7. I agree to what was said before. Yes new bikes are expensive but that does not make owning a bike expensive. You can get a older bike, do the work yourself, spend on gear sparingly but where it counts. To me buying something new actually scares me more since it means everything you break devaluates it. Scratches? There goes the value, broken plastics? Bye money.. better to buy them with the scratches already on it
  8. Ass end on solid ground for the first time. And front tire for reference, i should be getting the front hub this week I whent with wanda turf savers 22x11-10 on the rear and wanda mx fronts in 21x7-10. Wanted carlisle at489 couldnt get them then wanted maxxis razr's couldnr get them then was offered these 4 for a decent price and said screw it. I did find out that wanda also sells this mx tire in 20x11-10 so maybe later when i burn the rubber of these rears
  9. Guy at my work always asks me why i dont buy expensive clothes, iam cheap according to him, says i should go out more, have expensive food blabla. Last week i said iam going to buy a new atv and he asked me if i was made of money. I told him i live a normal life and dont spend a retarded amount of money on stuff i dont need so i can buy stuff i want in cash without loans or anything It absolutely did not compute with him
  10. Did somebody say throttle shaft screws? Once spent a couple of days getting 2 out of my hyundai veloster throttle body, most annoying screws i ever had to take out of anything. Would recommend not going at them like a caveman indeed as these can (depending on what youre working on) be a total pain in the ass
  11. First time i rode a 4 stroke i had the opposite, really hard not to notice how sluggish 4 stroke is compared to 2 stroke.
  12. No.. pozi has extra little fins in the corners if you look closely Dont ever use pozi on non pozi because using pozi on non pozi will pozitively ruin the screw
  13. Honda mt50 also known as mt5 with a 125 block my uncle swapped. They were mainly produced for the scandinavian and dutch market and i loved these so much i have had 5 of these when i was younger
  14. Good excuse for the wife. "But its our birthday!" Sorry hun, i need to keep the gas moving
  15. I guess most of us been there at some point in our lifes, i used to fix up and spray paint all my bikes when i was 16 to me they were the best looking bikes in the world.. in retrospect they clearly werent
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