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  1. This is a good catch! As you said in the (BRACKETS) just because the numbers are 10% apart doesn't mean the correction is a 10% change... It's most likely more (especially going from lower pressure to higher pressure) I'd be willing to bet that your ECU has a faulty baro sensor. 1030 mbar to 930 mbar would represent a little more than 2000 foot elevation difference. It would be interesting to see if the baro error is linear, cause if it is then a correction across the whole map should be good. If the error isn't linear, you could have problems down the road with elevation/pressure changes. I'm really looking forward to getting a GET from the TacoMoto guy for my 2020 500 here pretty soon!
  2. Damn iPhone autocorrect gonna get me in trouble with the ACLU! Seriously though the work the Stewards have done up there is amazing.
  3. We found an awesome trail just east of South Lake that goes to Claraville. I was so stoked with the trails in the Paiutes and the trailhead markings that I donated to the SOS as soon as I got home.
  4. I'm hoping to revive this thread... After a 5 year riding hiatus I bought a dual sport and have been hitting the Paiutes pretty regular. I know my way around the whole Lake Isabella area as far as the names of areas, mountains and getting around by vehicle. A few guys from Tehachapi and myself are starting to learn the trails in the but are hoping to meet up with more knowledgeable people and find more good rides.
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