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  1. I wonder if going high compression with my students to hot cams would be a bit more noticeable than just doing high compression alone I just figured to go for it since it’s going to be my back up bike anyway
  2. In myb03 yz450f it’s time for a top end and I don’t plan on keeping forever and will also get a sore bike soon so I was wanting to maybe go with a high compression setup, 13:1 I think. Has anyone else gone this route If so pro? Cons? Feedback would be appreciated
  3. Give the Skat ten a try you might like it justvgirea rjgheebkutvwhidhbyiee, there’s lots of options m, the hooker is prob the more average one
  4. Planning to ride more track with that 250 trails Ocotillo look at everything? I don’t know if your local North County in San Diego but I work at a shop if you ever need parts I can get you super good discount
  5. Mrd Is the cheapest for system for DRZ you can get it at 475 or so and you have the Shorty option which means the muffler . The Ned is Pacifically designed for DRZ 400s so all of their R&D is gone into that bike specifically and they’re not cookie cutter molds the owner actually h I and makes them personally. I Have the Shorty and it is by far the largest four stroke paid five ever had on my bike you can buy silencer cones for them as well is the best about 2 inches shorter they are very loud so you don’t want that loudness then you’ve got to go Yoshi year for for Alfa, I’m very happy with my am RDO I have is that Jd jet kit kn filter and it runs plenty strong very reliable
  6. I always been told you kind of want to do one or the other bore or cams when you do both It starts getting trickier tune because you’re also dealing with a longer stroke generally as well I love my stage too hot cams I’ll put those in every bag from now on foreverstarting to get a little trickier if you were building a full race by then that would be a good way to go to me stage to Hodgkin’s are the more fun more reliable power band gain in a bore kit
  7. That 25 hp claim was actually the euro version the American version is 48 hp and it doesn’t take much to hop it up in the mid50s I’ve worked at a few shops sold them random fact they’re sick speedway race your gears is the best part
  8. My iPad is sand tape knobby tires guess I was just excited to share some of my paddle tire knowledge
  9. Sounds like you thought it out and have your reasons and I think you made the right choice regardless then
  10. Definitely run a 19 inch and I’ll probably run the Sedona DUNTIK because it’s got the big scoops you could go 10 scoop if you’re gearing is tall enough for it but it would work just fine though about how your bike set up the sand snake would work fine too but the paddles are shallow or so you’re going to spin the tires faster
  11. I can definitely get some trips in before the seasons over they go saying I’m going in like two weeks November 10-14 you’re welcome to join maybe a late December trip sometimes it’s fun to be there like two days after Christmas and leave like two days before New Year’s do you still see all the madness and craziness but without having to worry too too much about writing and getting hit
  12. Siri Let’s hit a Glamis trip there’s a lot more to ride out in Glamis ithan Dumont I joined thunkee talk to work on finding some new rider friends if you got any trips planned or if you want to kind of hop on to one of our plan trips more than welcome to but I’d love to do some riding make some friends maybe drink couple cold ones got access to bikes and quads
  13. You’re ever interested in trying to Sandean is going to Glamis let me know I’ve been going since I was four I know that place like the back of my hand it’s very very very fun I’ve even got a spare pair tire if you needed it for a trip and I’m certainly looking to gain some more writing friends let me know bud
  14. If you like super Moto go CRF 450 L can you be more nimble 690 is a big heavy bike you be better off getting a Yamaha FZ09
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