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  1. Cozza

    Layed down on road first time yesterday

    Sorry to hear! I also low-sided my bike an hour ago on the way home. It pretty much sucked hah. I'm off to find an exhaust slider of some sort....
  2. Cozza

    What is this?

    It's just a drain for the airbox, but it looks like it's filled with something. Try and empty it?
  3. Cozza

    good shop/mechanic in northern california?

    try the california forum?
  4. Cozza

    F150 driver door cracking

    We got it like that in 04. Dad's plan is to drive it into the ground!
  5. Cozza

    F150 driver door cracking

    Dad's 97 has the same problem as yours does.
  6. Cozza

    Quick question..

    Just my luck! Oh well. Another time I guess. I'll look into a new key/tumbler. Thanks!
  7. Cozza

    Quick question..

    So, finally got dad's bike road legal! (Feels weird to ride a dirt bike on the road - legally). Is the steering lock supposed to be keyed the same as the ignition? If it's not, where can you get a replacement key (Dealer can cut it maybe?). And, am I going crazy or was there a thread about defect tanks that were going for cheap - I'm sure I missed the deals already. Thanks guys!! I'll hopefully be joining in more often here as I'm looking for my own Z
  8. Cozza

    The trouble with butt plugs...

    Maybe if you apply generous lubrication, it will come out easier!
  9. Cozza

    I'm Chain Deficiant, Please Help!!

    Nice! I can never remember that for the life of me!
  10. Cozza

    I'm Chain Deficiant, Please Help!!

    Take the links out. Use a chain breaker preferably. If one isn't available, use a grinder to CAREFULLY grind the pin out of the link it needs to be shortened to. Check the length twice with this method