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  1. gerry

    Any pilots out there?

    I'm a Helicopter Flying Instructor rated on Hughes 300,Robinson R22 + R44 do'nt know whats more fun the WR or the Helis
  2. gerry

    what kinds of jobs do we all have

    I own and run a Renault Car Dealership for the last 20 years I also am a Helicopter Instructor with my own business at Cardiff Airport
  3. gerry

    Anyone in the UK Know.........?

    I dont know where you'd buy one I run a Magura clutch with a built in decompressor lever but I can tell yoy that I've bought quite a lot from the States recently and it just comes through the post with no duty to pay I've bought 5 DR D hot starts for my mates and we have paid no duty
  4. gerry

    Tire Eating 426

    I change the rear tyre on my WR 426 nearly every 3 to 4 times that I go out on it I normally cover about 25 miles of hard enduro riding each trip through tight forestry, roots, and lots of mud I find that to get good grip it needs changing sometimes I will turn the tyre but that only gives me about 1 more outing untill it needs a new one. I have tried cheap V rubber tyres and these are ok but last week I put a Mich on. My front tyre is much better I recently changed that at 950 miles.
  5. gerry

    Magura Juice Clutch Installation

    I've been using the Magura since Christmas and it works fine I have'nt protected it at all and I've suffered no problems clutch is a pleasure to use. I know notice that there is quite alot of free place at the master cylinder but it still works fine. I cannot push bike around with it in gear but I suffer no drag when I'm out riding. The only problem I have had is that lsat week the clutch seemed to click when I pulled it in I thought a possible master cylinder problem, so I first stripped and cleaned the leaver took out the little plastic bush and smeared it all in grease and the problem has gone and I'm back to normal, I think that I'll have to do this lube every 4/5 weeks but its well worth it this clutch is fantastic!!!!
  6. gerry

    BK mod for 2002WR426?Is it possible?

    I've just carried out the BK mod I've not ridden the bike yet but with it warmed up and cracking the throttle open the bike coughs and stalls I've backed out the air jet a little but wonder what is it I'm doing wrong the jet sprays for about 0.5 of a second and does not hit my slide I'm still running standard jetting Main Jet 165, Pilot Jet 42 and needle at #4 with the air screw approx 1/3/4 turns out. It seems very difficult to actually time the sqirt of fuel any suggestions, this mod was a dream to carry out
  7. gerry

    what differences 01 to 02 wr400?

    I think there is a world of difference between a 400 + 426. My WR426 would eat my old WR400, with lots more mid range power
  8. Well guy's I don't know how deep the water is over with you but in Wales its permananly raining just 3 weeks ago a pal of mine bought a YZ426 and in just three hours the engine was seized solid not a pretty sight you should have seen his oil filter we had to almost get a spade to dig it out of the engine!!! I know what you guys said on the last thread about the crankcase breather, I started it but I've been runing my 426 with the breather into the air box for the last 3/4 weeks and I cannot tell the difference, there also does not seem to be any significant oil residue either, if your not happy with that just route the pipe up and over the engine and bring it down the side of the frame just above the foot pegs and cabble tie it there I ran my WR 400 like this for a year with no problems.
  9. gerry

    what differences 01 to 02 wr400?

    The main difference between 01/02 on a WR 426 is Front hub slightly larger Slightly tweaked rear suspension and that is about it, the bikes look almost identical. The 02 WR426 that we sell now seem to be coming road ready with indicators and full lighting kit, they look rather odd like a sheep in wolfs clothing when you get them up to their tanks in glug until you crack the throttle and let the roost fly!!!
  10. gerry

    Jetting Qs

    After a year of riding my 02 WR426 i've decided to cleen the carb as bike is not returning to idle quickly, I'm thinking about re jeting but the bike runs perfectly for what I use it for i.e tight woods and low down power poping wheelys etc the only problem I have is that it pops and bangs on the over run, I have a whites E series pipe no air box cover and run a needle @# 4 Main Jet 165 Pilot Jet 42 Main Air Jet 200 Pilot Air Jet 75 I know this has been asked before and you guys must be hacked off with guys like me asking the same things but how can I improve power just a little with out going to mad on the jetting possibly to stop the popping on the over run I don't want to spoil what I've got as the bike never stalls and always starts first kick
  11. gerry

    Dr.D versus Terrycable Hot starts

    I've just fitted a Dr D. on my WR426 and it is fantastic ! the main reason is it's fitted on the right hand side by the throttle so therefore its quicker to use the quality of this product is second to none
  12. gerry

    Seized 3hr Old YZ426

    I've just come back from a ride with my mate on his brand new YZ426, while riding along the bike suddenly seized and threw him off!! We got the bike back home and dropped out the sump plug and were greeted with almost 2 litres of green coolant before the oil apeared we haven't done anything else yet can any one suggest what might have gone wrong and how we put it right the bike is brand new and we rode for about 3 hrs!!!
  13. gerry

    WR400 Exhaust

    I've run this whites pipe on my WR400 and now my 426 with a whites header pipe and all the disks installed and the bike starts and runs perfect awsome power and noise, can't see why it needs the fuel screw altering or re jeting
  14. gerry

    Crankcase Breather Pipe

    I will look up the part number this week I fitted this pipe last night, it comes out of the crankcase and across the frame then over and into the top of the air box you need to drill out the plastic bung and it slots straight in. When you fit it you can see clearly that the bike was designed for this pipe i.e the tank is shaped for the pipe to fit as standard and the top of the air box allready has the opening for it, can't understand why they run the pipe down the frame and out at the bottom in the first place!
  15. gerry

    Paddle Tire for WR.......

    I blast my rad every week with a presure cleaner have done for 24 months with no damage as long as your carefull not to bend the fins it gets rid of all the mud in there keeps you cool