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  1. Was that an 18" rim? Where did you get the Outlaw spokes?
  2. Indeed. Then if I look at spokes only it gets interesting. If I can find rear spokes for a "96" they are 18" only (96 came with 19") Warp 9 seems to be the only listed spoke set for 19" at $90 and is that bronze color. Ill give them a shout over the phone today and hopefully they have some insight.
  3. I was looking at Tusk rear wheel/spoke kit and for a cr250 the earliest listed is 2005. Will this not work on other year cr's? Mine's a 96. The Tusk kit is a really good price. They do have a front wheel/spoke kit available for my year.
  4. By the way, the seller finally issued me a return shipping label so after waiting since Nov. 16th I am officially back at square one.
  5. I can tell you this. I just purchased a set for my cr250 and one of the bottom fittings was welded on the wrong way so it couldn't be mounted. When I contacted the seller he asked for more pics which I provided and then he ghosted me. Currently I have a case open with ebay which means the seller has so many days to respond and then hopefully Ill get some kind of refund if Im lucky. If you have the time/patience I'd say go for it. If not I'd avoid it. Don't expect any support from the seller if you have an issue. I think fitment is 50/50 from everything I've read. I can weld aluminum so I will make them work once I find out what is going on.
  6. Snow day!! Work in progress. Gotta figure out brackets too.
  7. Looks awesome. Best looking bikes IMO
  8. Thanks! Awesome information. Do you still have the 95? I will have to look at my seat tonight. Must have completely missed that tab.
  9. Pretty sure the seat tab slides under a button on the tank. I'll have to look.
  10. Thanks for the tips! Ill probably just go with a piece of 1/8" flat stock which I have on hand. I bet the original piece isnt even 18ga although it does look like it has a bead rolled into it.
  11. Not really sure. Here is one of the pics that comes up. It definitely doesnt seem structural but who knows. Could be why mine cracked.
  12. I just image searched it and there is a slotted crossmember that goes there. I should have looked into that before painting it up. Well easy fix anyway.
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