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  1. I've been posting relevant stuff to this thread in the Cross Reference thread here: There are stuff slowly trickling into general availability. I bought the FMF turbinecore 2.1 (the first commercially available non screen-type spark USFS approved spark arrestor for our bike) that just dropped - should have it next week sometime and can update this thread!
  2. I did the 14T update - This JT Aluminum sprocket should fit our rear wheel based on cross referencing a lot of compatibility charts and is offered in many sizes, from 40T to 54T https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001AVU18Y My plan if I don't like the 14/49 combo (3.5 ratio) from the stock 15/49 (3.27 ratio) is to try out a 14/47 combo (3.36 ratio). It's good to have choices either way!
  3. I'll try and update this thread as I ride the bike more and tune it - but here's a thread that will probably help answer some questions for the elusive 200RR. To start - I ordered the standard Beta 2T 250/300RR carb directly from Lectron - they specified that this was the preferred method and to just specify that it's for a 200RR in the order form. Mounted to the bike with a little finagling and unbolting of the composite erector set known as the sub frame. Finished bolting everything up late at night - was a bit concerned that the air boot now rubbed on the spring a TINY bit (2nd pic). Let it go for the night and did some research to find out this was normal and not an issue since at the point on the shock movement is minimal. Sat on the bike today and took another picture - the shock moves AWAY from the airboot as soon as it's compressed even the slightest (3rd picture is at 'sag-ish' point). Removing the oil injection and stock carb was probably the hardest part here - the oil injection removal required me to 'split' the rear subframe. I'm sure there are other ways but I didn't want to force it so that was the easiest for me. To plug the oil injection port on the boot I found the thread type was M3 or M4 (something super common in the mountain bike world) and got a stainless hex cap bolt that would force it's way into the boot - then ground down the tip of this bolt so it would seal the hole in the boot nearly perfectly. This was blue loctited into place then after test fitment (4th pic). Sofar so good - I'll have more info as I get to ride it!
  4. Damn you got me. I need to re-read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
  5. Subjectively: Not yet a problem that I've noticed on the 2020 200RR. Objectively: I personally haven't needed to measure because it's not a problem that I feel I need to address on this bike. The exhaust coupler on the other hand SUCKS! but I think I solved that. Now I need to look for another problem to complain about... hmm...
  6. 2020 Beta 200RR Parts Availability Update! Just got off the phone with FMF and they confirmed the Turbinecore 2.1 spark arrestor silencer is in production and they have inventory. FMF Part number 025273 So we finally have a USFS approved spark arrestor for the bike for $230! While on the phone I also asked them about the general availability of the Gnarly pipe and they confirmed they have inventory ready to ship!
  7. Another 2020 Beta 200RR product find: FMF seems to have the Gnarly pipe listed for the 200 now - part number 025269 Price is $260 on their page. I've not seen too many other pipe options for this bike and I've heard rumors that the stocker is around $400 to replace. Nice to have options especially the Gnarly!
  8. For what it's worth - I'm 5' 9" and similar weight with gear. Riding the 200RR now after coming off a pretty tall seat height (YZ250FX). The seat height of the 200RR feels like I'm cheating! I know the 300 is probably pretty similar too and if you get a 2019 or earlier I think (don't quote me) you can probably drop an inch with a lowered seat. With my 2020 if I got a shaved seat I'd pretty much be riding a trials saddle with no foam left - or so it seems. The KTMs I've seen have always had more of a higher seat height like my 250FX had. Not the end of the world but I certainly learned how to bail with that bike haha
  9. This is pretty much the only legitimate option I've seen (Not polisport) - from the facebook Beta RR 200 group.
  10. For those with the 2020 Beta 200RR - I've been calling vendors recently to try and find some basic protection (that's bike model specific) because the bike is almost entirely different from the 2019 model year except for the pipe. Here's what I've found - with links to the part if available Radiator Guards - Bullet Proof Designs These just became available today - I've been talking with BPD about general availability and if you live in the USA - BetaUSA is the middleman here - so it had to go through them I ordered them today and will update on how they fit - and if I lose any steering Aftermarket Plastic Skid plate - not 100% ready yet AXP estimates availability by December 2019 TM Designworks Seems to think Q1 2020 at the soonest P-Tech is interested in adapting their design - but doesn't have anything yet Rear Disc Guard - Bullet Proof Designs This is the same part as 2019 - so this carried over Lectron Carb - Order the 250RR/300RR model and specify that it's for the 200RR I spoke with Lectron directly on this one and just ordered it today - will report on how I like it later I came from a FI 4T so I'm a) used to not having to adjust anything and b) don't want to adjust anything to ride the mountains out here in the Rocky's haha USFS Approved Spark Arrestor Silencer - not available yet FMF estimates that they should have a turbine core 2.1 model available by December 2019 Pipe Gaurd - Any 2019 will work I'm running a P3 with no issues, snapped right on!
  11. Been looking into a spark arrestor for the 2020 200RR - If you look at the part numbers on the Italian Beta site - they did change the part # for the silencer from 2019 to 2020 and it also no longer appears that the 250 and 200 share a common silencer part number (like they did for 2019). I'll keep looking but I live in a state where pretty much everywhere requires a USFS stamped spark arrestor so not sure if it's even worth buying the Fisch insert deal.
  12. Mainly just thinking about water ingress - I'll be in the same boat soon enough so if that river needs to be crossed - I'll figure it out haha.
  13. When you removed the the TPS did you have to do anything to the electronics? I'm assuming you get some sorta Check Engine Light - not sure if they have a override for this or not. Also does removal of the oil reservoir leave any gaping holes in the 2020 airbox or just the little hole at the bottom for the oil injection tube? Saw this in maybe this thread or another thread - it's Beta's how-to for oil injection removal on the 2019 model. https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/AB-22180 Oil Inj. Removal 4-8-19.pdf
  14. With only 3hrs on my 200RR sofar I'm by no means an expert and it is not broken in suspension wise - but here's my ­čĺ▓0.02usd I weigh about 165lbs with gear so I fall within the 70-90kg factory default settings/spring weights if not on the low end. The suspension out of the box (quite literally) is stiffer for me - but in a very good way. I came off a YZ250FX - so I came off what most people seem to wish the 200RR Beta's had on them suspension wise. I tuned my KYB suspension pretty carefully the first year and got sags and clickers setup to ride moderately fast comfortably. I always felt the stock 250FX suspension felt soft - or maybe that the bike felt heavy and would push through the suspension on stuff that I wouldn't expect it to have. The 2020 Beta suspension seems to reward mostly at faster riding paces. I've hit plenty of baby head to bowing ball sized rocks on the trail both intentionally and unexpectedly and didn't really feel like the front end was tracking any differently than my KYB - that is to say I haven't felt anything that I would call 'deflection' - and I was probably anticipating more than I should have after reading everyone's doom and gloom stories here on TT. To me - deflection so far has been a non-issue. I need to ride in some muddy rocks and roots to really have a full scope of it's handling characteristics but that won't happen for a few months. The only thing I noticed was that the front end seems to make some clunking and clicking noises when pushing it into stuff faster/harder than I would have liked to if I had time to carefully plan my lines. I got used to this clicking and stopped thinking about it after a while but it was something different vs. my KYB SuperSilentSuspension experiences. I'll be setting sag and counting clickers for my next ride - I only anticipate the suspension to be better. I really enjoyed how if feels very playful - but this typically means the sag is too high and clickers are too aggressive. Perhaps I'll try and tune it that way and see how quickly I get fatigued but overall it really helped make this bike feel much more playful and 'flickable' than my 250FX on the maiden voyage which was a huge sell for me coming from all sorts of MTB disciplines as my background (yes it actually felt somewhat like a mountain bike - I thought that was BS but it was very playful!).
  15. Just in case anyone is interested - I've talked with Lectron about compatibility with the 200RR - They have confirmed it is possible and would require O.I. removal and TPS delete. I'm thinking of guinea pigging this with them since I live in a state where 1 mile elevation swings are pretty common as well as 50+ deg temp swings from parking lot to summit (sometimes it's a frosty morning and a sunny summit - and sometimes its a warm parking lot and snow up top!). I haven't seen this compatibility mentioned anywhere else but I also haven't spent an exorbitant amount of time searching so mea culpa if it's buried here on TT somewhere.
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