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  1. I am running Saber 80:1 in my 2018 300rr (currently at 100hrs) and my buddy is running it at 70:1 in his 2016 300rr Race (currently about 300hrs). Both seem to be running flawlessly.
  2. You can actually just unthread the brass injection port from the intake manifold, then go to the hardware store and get a small stainless allen head bolt of the same thread pitch to plug it. Looks pretty clean when done.
  3. The factory radiator overflow tube, if run along the frame, will make it into the air box through the same hole you removed the OI line from. I extended the overflow tube with a barbed brass fitting and some clear pvc hose and attached to the bottom of the oil tank. Be sure to clean the oil tank really well prior to doing this. Air filter cleaner works well.
  4. Yeah sorry I kinda started this, but it was supposed to be more about mix ratio choice after deleting the OI system.
  5. Saber is JASO FD rated and was originally recommended for powersports, and I wanted an oil that could be safely mixed at Beta’s recommended 60:1. Over time I thinned it out to 80:1 (based on reports Beta’s race team was running Motul 800 at 80:1) with great results. I did try a quart of 800 prior to the Saber, but with its high flash point I had so much spooge it was dripping on my brake caliper. The bike runs better than when it was new, maybe because it’s finally broken in, but I guess I won’t really know how it working until I do my first top end.
  6. There are a LOT of OI failure stories if you start searching, kind of alarming... I installed the delete kit at about 10hrs on my bike for peace of mind. But why are you guys mixing so rich? After finishing up the 710 I had from purchasing my bike (which I was mixing at 60:1) I switched to AMS Saber and am mixing at 80:1. At 100 hrs now and it runs perfect. I also converted the oil tank to a radiator catch tank, have never boiled my bike but the radiator is always 100% topped up.
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