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  1. Bob: I tried a lot of the trails around the staging area (mainly trails 1-3) and ended up taking a long loop with Reiner, who rides a Beta 250. We hit T3 down to the bridge, up to the road and through to T1-2 and back to the bridge and up to the Mace Mills staging area. Trail One is severed between the end of the paved Mace Mills road and back to the staging area, west of the paved road. Looks like recent logging activity. That would have been a good loop for me. I did okay on the big bike, but struggled a bit in that very eroded root and exposed rock stuff. I'll look for some more open fire road and "floaty" single track. Maybe in Forestville. I think a few adjustments and a throttle tamer for the EFI 450 will help. It is hard to stand up with a sensitive throttle in the roots and rocks. All in all, great day. Beautiful area. Georgetown is a sweet little town. Love the parked trucks in the middle of the street. Do what they want. Hope to ride with you soon. Garrett
  2. Bob et al.: Sorry, I came today and missed you guys. It was my fault. More on that later. Again, sorry you waited. I did go to Mace Mill Staging area and looked for you guys. I spent all day there. Spoke with Thomas Jackson, who works with John Ward. Same as John Ward on TT?
  3. Ha, ha. Okay, I see how this is going to go. Seems like a bargain. Thanks, Garrett
  4. Bob: Okay, I can make that. I'll find Morton's. Thanks for the address. I know the bike is fine with he green sticker, just wondered about use permits. Sounds like I'm good. See you then. Garrett
  5. Hey Bob: I'd like to meet you, help with the trail work, and get in a Georgetown area ride. I keep my bike in storage and can get it at 6 AM in Davis, gas up and be there by about 8AM if that works. If that's too late, another time. I have a green sticker, 2019 Honda CRF X. I don't need any other permits for those trails, right? Thanks, Garrett
  6. G Duncan

    2019 upgrades

    Leardriver: That's good to know and I appreciate the note. I suppose I can see if it ever releases coolant from the fill cap. Wouldn't this be an indication that it is overheating? Is there another better way to tell? You bring up a good point, which is I am assuming it should have a fan. Maybe it shouldn't. Maybe I'll just see how it goes. Again, thanks.
  7. G Duncan

    2019 upgrades

    Okay guys, thanks for the intel. I think I will get the best TT set up I can locate and make it work. I have to say that I'm a bit underwhelmed with Honda for the awful stock seat, no radiator fan, and the cheap skid plate. For the high cost of this new bike, all of this should come stock. x207ryanskie: I will check the L posts. Good suggestion. Thanks. StewPidass0, I want a Seat Concepts comfort seat, super plush. Thanks, Garrett
  8. G Duncan

    2019 upgrades

    Hello People: I have ridden my 450x once now and plan to have it out again soon. I already know I am going to upgrade a few items such as the brutally uncomfortable seat, add radiator protection, and a fan. The stock front tire isn't working for me; it wanders a lot. I need to add a rear fender storage bag, for small items like keys, wallet, phone, and snacks. I am interested in a radiator fan. Any suggestions? Thanks, Garrett
  9. Hello f12517: This looks fantastic. I am in Davis, just got a 450x and want to trail ride in the forest. I'd love to learn about a few fire roads and single tracks in the Sierra. These images are awesome. I know there is some stuff in Nevada City and Foresthill, but I assume you are off SR50 in El Dorado. Garrett
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