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  1. cueball

    anyone remember Mitch?

    Who could forget him, he was the unofficial TT mascot for awhile. Kevin, as I recall he was supposed to show up for the Moab 2K run. That didn't happen, so all we have are 'unconfirmed' Mitch sightings...
  2. cueball

    Which Flywheel Weight?

    I installed the 10oz on my 99WR, thinking that the 12oz might be too much. After running the 10oz (and loving what IT did), if I were doing it over I would go with the 12oz. my $02.
  3. cueball

    What do you use to clean your Air Filter?

    Gas. Your results may vary , but I've been using gas to clean filters for decades. I have never had to replace a filter due to deterioration (from the gas or anything else!). I have tried No Toil and liked it, but it's another item to stock (& run out of) so I went back to gas.
  4. Kev, I'm usually around the 1.6 Correction: I used to be 1.6, now that I'm Orange, it's around the 1.0 mark [ June 20, 2002: Message edited by: cueball ]
  5. cueball

    river crossings

    I encountered this problem with my WR400 (& now the 400EXC), but learned to get around it by keeping the rev's up a little. My strategy in deep-water it to trials it through, keeping only enough speed to counter the conditions. That is, you have to have a little more speed if you know the bottom is soccer ball boulders, very common up here! If I 'idle' through, either bike will stall. If you slip the clutch a little & up the RPM's a bit, the bike will not stall. Just my observations....works for me.
  6. Well, that (the comment about Kevin) is just not right. I know Kevin, and know that he will get nothing from this deal -- except the same better price that everybody will benefit from. You may not want this item, but you should be happy that somebody tries to arrange bulk purchases. You might want/need the next thing... [ May 15, 2002: Message edited by: cueball ]
  7. cueball

    Helmet Cams

    I use the Helmetcam, but happened to see the unit on Ebay....it looks very interesting. I wouldn't worry about the batteries, you can go to any battery store & get a sealed lead-acid & charger. With either unit you still hook-up to a camcorder to record, so the key is the quality of the CCD (the camera itself). I'll bet the Ebay unit will yield about the same results.... On the other hand, by the time you get the battery, charger, microphone, etc. you might wish you'd elected to get the Helmetcam version.
  8. cueball

    New Pumpkin

    Good to hear from all of you! Chris C, I'm in the same boat...loved the blue & may just keep it. She was always a first-kick starter & purrs like a kitten. How's your orange experience going? Mike, I recall you scoping Darryl's KTM in Moab with an envious eye....no surprise that you made the move! Paul, I know that we've had a few failed attempts at the Moab get-together...this time for sure. We'll keep you posted.
  9. cueball

    Moab Next Week

    I've got a VHS tape of the various rides from the Thumpertalk 2000 get-together. Over four days, we checked out many of the trails & much of it is captured on tape. (My personal favourite was AMASA BACK) I'm in Calgary, so it would be easy for you to borrow a copy if you're interested. Randy
  10. cueball

    Sidewinder sprockets

    I have the Sidewinder on my WR...too bad I can't transfer it to my new KTM. I only have one season on it, but it still looks like new. I'd have to say there is no wear at all, and that the claims are true. I did have some grief getting the stuff, they didn't seem to have a lot of stock. There was a delay...and then I ended up having to change my order (gearing) to speed up delivery.
  11. cueball

    New Pumpkin

    It's true, I'm now orange! Well, I guess I should ride it at least once before I make that statement....if the snow ever melts up here. So far I still have my WR, & keeping it for Moab does make some sense...but I'm thinking that once I'm used to the KTM I'll likely not want to KICK again. Thumpertalk Moab 2002....kind of has a ring to it. This fall??? Octoberish??
  12. cueball

    kalispel Montana

    Chris, I've dug around & found a "Mountain Trader" from a couple of weeks ago in my truck. It is the local free classified ad paper from Kalispell/Whitefish. I have also asked some buddies that are going down this weekend to bring back a Kalispell paper, so I hope to have that next Wednesday. I'll ship them off to you as soon as I get it. SalsaHH is right on about the town. It's a great place, lakes everywhere & wilderness galore. If the job is there, anywhere in the Flathead Valley would be a great place to live. I'll be in touch... Randy.
  13. cueball

    kalispel Montana

    Hey Chris! I have a cabin in Whitefish, only about 10 minutes from Kalispell!! I don't haul the bike down, because I haven't found any locals who can show me around (at least the first time). If you end up doing the move, I'm sure we'll hook-up. And hey, if I can do the drive to Kalispell from Calgary for the weekend, you can surely come visit us up here.... Randy
  14. cueball

    Passenger foot pegs need ('99 WR400)

    Try out this link.... http://www.fourstrokesonly.com/Buddypegsclampon.html I don't have a set, but the price is right, they look good, and they're easily removable. I've been thinking about them.... Cue
  15. I used to do the vice-grip thing, but found something that works better (for me, anyway!). I should also mention that I'm too cheap to buy the tool I use a small c-clamp & small socket. Use the c-clamp to 'press' the plate on, with the socket between the front side of the chain, slipped over the pin (so it can poke out). Do one it with the socket over one pin, then the other....presto. The plate stays on since you've squished it in place, clip slides right in.