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  1. Thanks for all the input guys. I think I have it just about figured out. Currently I have: 145 main jet, 37.5 pilot jet, one shim under the needle, One and a half turns out on the fuel mixture screw. Yesterday I put one more shim under the needle to raise it up what would be a notch. That gave me a little bit of hesitation and gurgling at around 3000 RPM. I switched it back to only one shim and no more hesitation. The information provided about revving in six gear was really helpful. Coming up through the gears I can redline every shift. But when I get it into six gear it just seems to Plateau at about 8000 RPM which is about 85 miles an hour. So again, with the modified airbox with the Uni filter, and the slip on DG pipe I’m really close!!! I might try going up or down one size on the main to see if it gets better or worse, and if I don’t see any improvement I’ll go back to the 145 and call it good? After I get it all set...I’ll probably try putting in the modified slide, (1/8 inch holes) the modified shortened spring, and the adjustable needle that I have on that OTHER carburetor. If it doesn’t work out I’ll still have all The original stuff to put back. I’ll start another post about drilling the slide and cutting the spring [emoji1384]‍♂️
  2. So just to clarify I have twoCV carburetors. One is from a 1991 or 1992 dirt model That has the tapered needle with the adjustable clips, and the other is from a 1999 enduro with no adjustable clip but I’ve been running a small nylon shim under it
  3. Thanks for the input. I’ve tried a series of jets in this ranging all the way from 130 and now To 145. When I had the 132 and 135 in it it ran like a turd. So far it seems to be running good with the 145 jet in it? I got it up to 8000 RPMs today and couldn’t use much more anyway? I like your idea of going with a Dynojet kit. Except I already have a pretty wide assortment of pilots and main jets. So here’s another question? I have a CV dirt carburetor from an earlier model which has a different linkage system but other than that it all looks the same as mine. What I’m thinking about doing is taking its tapered needle and replacing my stock needle which doesn’t have any adjustability to see how that works? Do you have any thoughts on making the switch? It only take about 15 minutes to do but I don’t want to start chasing ghosts. I also don’t want to spend $50 for a jet kit if I only need the needle. Like I said, it’s running pretty good now and the plug chop only shows it’s a little bit rich. Again, thanks for your input
  4. That’s interesting!! I was figuring since the tachometer redline goes to 8 1/2 it should rev to 8 1/2 Thanks for the info[emoji1303][emoji1303] I’m going to try one larger size up on the main jet and if there’s no improvement I’m gonna say I’m spot on with what I have now. The mid range and lower end are perfect...
  5. Just want to pass on a tip For jetting a carburetor on my DR 350. The first few times I pulled the entire carburetor off which is kind of a pain in the neck. I found that if you just loosen the clamps on the intake and the airbox rubber snorkel, and undo the rear brake master cylinder reservoir. The carb will turn sideways and it’s EASY to takeoff the float bowl to change the main jets or a pilot jets. (15 min) Also I’m running a DG pipe with a modified airbox on mine and I am already up to a 145 Main Jet, Stock pilot jet 37.5, and One nylon sham underneath the needle. It runs really good on the low end and mid range but is just a tad lean because I can’t seem to get it above about 7 1/2 thousand RPM in sixth gear. Should go to 8500 I’ll try going up one more size on the main and see if I can get the extra RPM? The bike just might be struggling to haul my Fat Ass around....Or it’s That damn CV carburetor that the slide doesn’t open up all the way ???[emoji15] Any thoughts??
  6. That’s exactly what I was thinking? I was going to go up to 142.5 or add a shim to the needle...or both. I don’t ride in dusty conditions that much but with the CV carb I wasn’t sure about the K&N filter? Thanks again for the reply!!
  7. BTW This is a filter that attaches right to the air intake of the carburetor
  8. Hello, first time poster here. I have a 1999 Suzuki DR 350SE. I pulled the stock exhaust off and put on a DG slip on exhaust. I also made the airbox modification. I changed the main jet to a 140 and put a small shim under the needle of this vacuum carb. It runs really good. But In third gear revving at about 8000 RPM for a plug chop, it just Sputters just a tad. I’m thinking about going up one more size on the main jet to a 142.5 to see if I can get the slight sputter / hesitation to go away? Also, I have a canister style K& N filter that I could bolt on and jet. My question is, Will the CV carburetor work with the K &N to produce vacuum? And if anyone’s tried it...what type of jetting am I looking at? One last question is can I get a tapered needle with the Adjustable slots for the BST 33 carburetor?
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