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  1. I THINK I FOUND IT! so I decided to dig into the "professional "bottom end job... Just to check. Took off flywheel cover and had a thought that maybe my issues that all seem like timing to me could be in the stator. Pulled the flywheel and bam. That GD keeper key was gone and the flywheel was just stuffed on. I'm not an expert mechanic..... But it would seem that although I'm getting spark it is no where near in time with the ignition stroke. F#&k my life all this aggravation over a $3 keeper key. End rant.... Or brilliant conclusion, haven't decided yet lol. Thanks again guys.
  2. Update....... Valves are not Bent and are in spec. Carb is freshly rebuilt and working correctly. New top end and auto decomp cam are installed, and timing is spot on. I swapped for a hotter iridium plug, She's getting fuel, air, and spark. I got two lil "pops" last night, like it wanted to fire but still nothing. This thing is whooping my ass. Any thoughts? Thanks guys.
  3. The valve that was so far out didn't even have a shim. Forgot that part.
  4. Great point, hadn't thought of that. Most were off by(0.15-0.20). The right exhaust valve was over by 0.60+ I didn't have a guage any bigger [emoji23]. I re-shimmed and all are in spec now and appear to be working properly. I'll pull the valves and inspect tomorrow though.
  5. The gasket is correct. all the valves were way out of spec when I got it, and the timing was off by 180° . Safe bet the kid that tried to do the top botched it. I already ordered parts, figure with all the "engenuitive repairs"on this thing, probably better to start at square one and fix any other issues as I build her back up. I'll keep updating as I go. Thanks for the help guys.
  6. I have no idea, I didn't do the rebuild. I ordered a top and an auto decomp cam, just gonna rebuild, so I know it's right.
  7. I'm hitting 90 psi on comp test. I didn't do the rebuild..... I think that's a lil low.. Thoughts?
  8. Need some help guys......... Bought a 01wr250f (not running). Has new top and bottom. I've checked and adjusted valves, all are now in spec. Timing marks are dead on. I rebuilt the carb and rejetted for current conditions. Bike is getting fuel spark and air. I know the starting procedure (used to have a 400)...... WHAT AM I MISSING, SHE WONT FIRE. THANKS I. ADVANCE.
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