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  1. Hi everyone! I have recently done a lot thinking about what my first bike would be and the bike that has been on top of my mind has been the Sherco 300 4 stroke! How do you guys think this bike can handle normal roads/highways? Can it like cruise at 65 mph without a problem? I have almost seen none top speeds or anything like that on this bike ­čśĽ Obviously it will do good on offroad, only concern is on road! If its not good, then i will get the Ktm 350 exc or Husqvarna Fe 350. Thx if someone could answer
  2. Hey kid! I think a 85cc 2 stroke would be something for you Like Kawasaki Kx 85, Ktm sx 85, Husqvarna Tc 85 goodluck A 65 2 stroke would work too but maybe to little and 125 2 stroke would be to strong for you i think! 85cc perfect
  3. Damn nice to hear!! Can the bike handle 68 mph speeds for 1 hour ride without any problems or will it be difficult? Thank you so much for reply
  4. How do you guys think the 350 Exc / Fe 350 would be? Found those on youtube with nice things about them
  5. Im seing some nice things about the bike already! Its now in my "first motorcycle consideration list" thx
  6. Okey thats freaking nice to hear. I will look into the bike on youtube right nowand make sure i get the enduro model. Didnt know you learn so much from riding offroad dam
  7. Yo thx for replying! Wr250 alright! Only type of bike here in Sweden that one. Can a wr250 handle road speeds? Max speed here is 68 mph! Will a wr250 be fun or boring? Im a fast learner and strong, thx again:)
  8. Hey guys! I will be getting a dual sport/enduro soon after i take my licence and would like know and see what kind of bikes that you guys think are the best! Im 5'10, 138 lbs! Not much weight, but im super strong. I have never ridden a motorcycle or anything with gears but that maybe doesnt matter much since i will learn how to when i take my license!? My plan is to ride 50% road and 50% offroad! Much love and my first post!:) //Patric
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