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  1. Throwing a rod was a joke, but yeah I hear ya. I'm always listening for lower end "knocks" and occasionally think it's started but decide I'm just being paranoid and the bike has always done it. When I did the top end the crank had zero play, more or less. Next time I do a piston I'll probably go through the bottom end as well just as PM. Alot of it has to do with how you ride. I am VERY easy on the engine. Never bounce it off the rev limiter and never lug it either. But it is a high performance bike and thus no doubt has a comparatively shorter service life than a standard trail bike.
  2. Trail riding is all I do...high speed fire roads, gnarly single track, etc. I raced MX with the bike for the first two years of it's life, then it sat for 5 and the past 10 years it's been a woods bike, slowly converting it over. I freaking love it. No issues with the bottom end...these things are STOUT, though granted what I'm using it for is exponentially easier on it than MX. We ride in some pretty remote areas and I was concerned with reliability but over 10 years of use, the bike has been every bit as bulletproof as an XR, once I got the head reworked and those Ti valves out of there. It may throw a rod the next time I ride it, but I have been blown away by the longevity and reliability of the big CRF when used in this manner.
  3. My 2003 which has been redone by Fastheads with Kibblewhite valves will start, after sitting for 6 months, in 1 or 2 kicks, guaranteed, every time. Hot, it starts with one even just moderate kick. It's so easy it's amazing. Engine has 500+ hours, bottom end has never been touched, new top end around maybe 450 hours. Carb is 100% stock minus R&D fuel screw.
  4. Man that looks like alot of fun!
  5. Without a doubt. The last two stroke I've ridden for any amount of time was ~15 years ago racing a 2002 CR125. This engine is...different, to say the least. The way it builds power is so sneaky...it's pretty much ready to sign off when it hits the powerband so it doesn't feel fast. Then you realize you're riding two gears high and the trees are flying by at a faster rate of speed than the (very good) brakes can handle. Only did that once. ­čśü
  6. NCwolf

    WV/VA single trac

    Which trail system at HM has the 60 miles of single track? We generally stay in Ashland and ride Pinnacle Creek, Indian Ridge, Pocahontas, and Warrior.
  7. Had a great day out at NCMP. Got the KTM dialed in pretty decent but still have a ways to go far as suspension and jetting. Pulls like a freight train from idle through midrange though, which suits me to a T. Was amazed at the low end torque on tap, even compared to my 450R. Only thing I didn't like was the cornering...not nearly as planted as the CRF but then again its got the original tires from 2006 which are closer to stone than they are rubber anymore. Also I'm running Tubliss in the other bike which helps. All in all though I'm pleased with it! Bone stock minus a fatty pipe so its time to get on with the mods. Hopefully ill catch up with some of y'all soon!
  8. I'll be in a white F-250 with a stock looking 300 XC-W. Potentially scratching my head and staring at the carb and/or spark plug. ­čśü No numbers on it yet. Thanks for the welcome! I've got two small kids so riding time is hard to come by but my wife is very understanding. We go to Hatfield twice a year without fail, then usually Brushy, URE, NCMP a handful of times. I'm looking to take more single day woods rides around here. Also saw your earlier post about cutting some trails in Aventon. I'm just shy of an hour away so that's perfect for me...count me in if that ends up happening and you need a hand.
  9. I'll be going to NCMP around 10am with two other buddies to hit the trails. Mostly to take my BRAND NEW(ish) 2006 300 XC-W for it's maiden voyage...and try to dial the jetting. Haven't ridden a two stroke since I was racing a CR125 in ~2002 before the 4s took hold. My other woods bike is a 450R. Just joined TT and the club after years of lurking. I go by the same name on ADVrider. I look forward to meeting some of y'all, generally ride Brushy MTN or Hatfield, with NCMP for quick trips out of Raleigh. Been looking for some additional places to ride. I only do trails and right single track nowadays. -Jeremy
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