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  1. Read my earlier post. I have used this stuff for years. Even used it on my 2 previous Harley Davidsons I had years ago with all of the chrome they had. I just stopped by the DG and picked up more of it this morning. It's cheap and very effective. Spray it on full strength to a cold dry bike, rinse it off and blow it dry. If the dirt is really caked on you may have to scrub a little but it works great and it's not going to break the bank. The most important part is to have fun getting it dirty again. Cheers!
  2. I use a product called Totally Awesome from either the Dollar General or Family Dollar. Spray it on a cold dry bike and hose it off. Very simple. Then I blow dry the bike with the leaf blower. Quick and easy and the product is cheap.
  3. Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

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    2017 KX-100 with exceptional status. It was set up by the previous owner for racing but they never did due to his son loosing interest. My son does not race, and so we just ride it in the woods near our home and occasionally go to another state trail or track. The bike is in excellent shape and has tons of upgrades. The only thing I did to it is put a fresh set of grips, cleaned the filter, changed the oil and put a fresh set of Michelin MX33's on it and a new chain and sprocket. These items have zero ride time. Here's the upgrades that were done by the previous owner: VForce 3 Reeds, Mika Metal handle bars, ARC Aluminum clutch and brake levers, Attack Graphics Gripper Seat cover, and a Pro-Circuit Pipe with R-304 Factory Sound Silencer "Stainless Shorty". I have all of the take-off parts and a brand new spare air filter and spark plugs along with the manual to go with the bike. It's a great ride and it needs nothing. You won't find one cleaner! Please call or text me. I can send pics straight to your phone.


    Charleston, South Carolina - US

  4. I have an 08 KX250F and I installed a JD jetting kit which cured a lot of other problems but I swear it makes it start easier too. You always hear about bikes starting on 1st or 2nd kick (especially when trying to sell it) but mine starts on 1st kick every time even if it's been 3 weeks. Fuel on, choke out, one full twist on the throttle, and one good firm kick at TDC and she purrs like a kitty. Good luck with your new thumper. It's a different animal than the 2T but a whole lot of fun!
  5. Try going to a local sign company. There's one near me that will do custom numbers and lettering for boats. I'm sure they could make what you need.
  6. Could it be that they are made to fit the 06-08 models? I'm a huge fan of Motosport. I'm sure they will make it right. Please follow up cause I will be curious to see what resulted. I will prob be getting some for my '08 very soon and likely to go thru Motosport.
  7. I have an 08 and I've been messing with my carb for the year that I've had it. I agree on the 42 pilot jet. The bike is too lean without it. I live in SC at sea level and I just recently installed the JD Jetting kit from California and man what a difference it made. For my conditions I wound up with a 42 pilot and a 190 main. (Might be a 195 main jet but can't remember now). That kit also came with a new needle and specified the clip position. In addition I installed a fuel/air screw that has the numbers on it and ability to turn with your thumb. It's set at 2 turns out and good googly moogly what a difference that made!!!!! No more bog. No more decel popping and when u blip the throttle while idling its responsive and snappy. I just did this conversion but haven't been able to put it on the track yet. Hope to do it this Saturday. In any case I highly recommend the JD kit. $76 on Motosport.com. It's well worth the money And yes. The main jet laying in the bottom of the bowl will definitely cause the problems u described. I recommend pulling the whole thing apart and cleaning it and installing the JD kit. If you don't install the kit at least change the pilot jet to a 42 and adjust the fuel air screw but if the main was lying at the bottom of the bowl there could be other issues as well
  8. Can someone please confirm for me that the valve clearance specs are the same for an '08 versus an '06 KX250F?? I have a manual for a 2006, and I can't imagine it being different for a 2008, and quite frankly I've been trying to invest money on other upgrades for the bike, and didn't want to waste money on a new manual. If it turns out that they are different, than I guess I need to make the investment. The '06 manual calls for this: EX 0.17 - 0.22 mm (0.0067 - 0.0087 in) IN 0.10 - 0.15 mm (0.0039 - 0.0059 in) And thank you in advance for your responses. I have learned so much from this forum!!
  9. That's some good info. Thanks. One thing to consider though is that the oil wasn't leaking before I took out that bolt. I'm assuming that since it wouldn't torque that the previous owner or mechanic used some kind of sealant to keep that bolt from: A) not back it's way out or leak any oil. Obviously whatever he did it worked, because I have run the bike over the last couple of months with no problem. I'm pretty sure I didn't do this damage because all I did was back out the bolt. I never took a torque wrench to it. I'm just wondering what kind of sealant he might have used to keep that thing together?
  10. I bought this 2008 a few months ago, and have put probably 10 hours on it. Time to change the oil. I dropped the oil and noticed that there wasn't a copper gasket on the oil drain plug, and that there was evidence of some kind of slicone or gasket material that had disintegrated when I broke the bolt loose. There was, however, a very thin metal washer, but not a copper one. Of course by now, the bolt was covered in hot oil, and most of this gasket material probably went in the pan with the quart and a half of oil that was in the bike. The gasket material was white in color from what little bit remained on the bolt. Once the oil was completely drained out, I cleaned up the bolt and washer and hand threaded the bolt back in. Once it got about 3/4 in, I put the socket to it and drove it the rest of the way. Unfortunately the bolt wouldn't accept a torque, so I backed it all the way off and got down to take a good look, and sure enough, the face of the rim has a piece that is cracked off. Clearly the previous owner/mechanic must have known this, thereby the reason to sell the bike. The good news is, whatever they did, it must have worked, because the bike didn't leak any oil, and has run great since I got it. I'm thinking of repeating this and sealing it up with silicone until I can find the time to fix it properly, which will require a complete tear down and rebuild. Any suggestions?
  11. http://www.mxguy.com/motorcycle-maintenance/2006-kawasaki-kx250f-service-manual_03-21-2008/ Try this. I downloaded it for my '08 and it worked great!
  12. Mr Quick

    carb issue

    I did not check inside the carb yet but it is next on my list. Been working out of town too much so haven't been able to. You are a wealth of knowledge and I planned on checking with you once I've exhausted my efforts on previous advice you have dished out for this same issue. I'm assuming this can be done without completely removing the carb and just tilting it?? While your at it any other advice to help with this "popping" sound will help me (and possibly the original poster) a lot. Thanks for sharing your time and experience!
  13. Mr Quick

    carb issue

    This is great advice from these guys. I recently purchased an 08 kx250f and although it ran ok and started easy it had major backfire going on. I've read several post on this forum concerning this issue. I found all the bolts on my exhaust to be loose. I replaced the copper crush gasket at the head and tightened down the stock exhaust to spec. It made a huge difference but it still wasn't perfect. Next I tilted the carb and adjusted the fuel screw to 2 1/2 turns out based on D-K's advice on a previous post and that helped the bike even better! I live in SC at sea level. My bike still doesn't run perfect but WAY better than when I first got it by just making these minor and cheap (less than $6) adjustments. I still have a "popping" sound on decel that I need to address. I wouldn't call it a backfire like it was doing before but like I said these adjustments made it run a lot better. It even starts better and I was able to tweak the idle down to the proper level. I think the previous owner boosted the idle up to compensate for the lean condition. I also checked my valve clearances and found them to be right on spec. Good luck with your bike!
  14. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. I promise I did some due diligence to see if there were any previous threads that would help to answer my questions, but didn't seem to see much. I have a low time 2005 KLX-125. I've taken the carb apart 3 times. Before doing so I gave it a new spark plug and fresh air filter and fresh oil change. Each time I have taken the carb off, and opened it and cleaned it, it seems to run a little better than before. Initially, the problem was it would dump fuel out of the overflow when I first cranked it. Then it started doing so once I shut it down, but that seems to have stopped now. The big problem is that it bogs down when you try to run it and really open the throttle up. It will get up to speed if you don't ask much from the throttle all at once. It runs great except for this carb issue. I realize it's probably either starving for fuel or getting too much. I know just about enough to be dangerous on this carb thing. All the parts seems to look pretty good, but I realize that there's probably something in the carb that needs replacing. If someone wouldn't mind giving me some opinion on what to replace, I would really appreciate it. Here's a link to the diagram off of Motosport.com. http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/oem-parts/KAWASAKI/2005/KLX125/CARBURETOR Thank you for your input!
  15. Thanks for the great feedback! Also, I welcome any suggestions on other sites I could read and gain more knowledge on this and other dirt bikes. I have been trying to read older post as well. Thanks again!
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