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  1. What noise would engine make if he had a detonation and in which rpms?
  2. Most of my riding are trails that's why I need the best mpg I can achieve.
  3. After the ride I notice a huge difference in bike response and a fuel consumption also. I did the same 25km run before the change 4L of gas and now its 3 to 3.3L.
  4. Ok I will try if I understanded correctly to right lean to left rich.
  5. I can't tell. I think yes because engine has new crank shaft.
  6. I used some valvoline oil mixed with castrol oil.
  7. I was riding with yz 125 and it burnt only 3L. And he was riding it hard.
  8. After toddays ride exacly 1 hour bike burned 4L of gas. Carb settings: air screw 2 turns out Needle 2 from the top
  9. Before Valvoline I was using a castrola power racing oil and after i input Valvoline bike feelt completely different a plug color was on castrola and little bit Valvoline.
  10. I am using Valvoline synthetic 2t oil at 1:40 ratio here is new spark plug after about 1hour ride. Gas is 95 octan
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