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  1. Mark_UK

    Are your Asterisk braces unreliable ????

    it may also have something to do with Asterisk sponsoring thumps,,,,DRN website
  2. Mark_UK

    Tech 8's

    blue beast wins or u could just cut your toe nails more often :D
  3. Mark_UK

    Are your Asterisk braces unreliable ????

    i seem to remember mentioning to you about keeping a very close eye on the cables, around the time you where looking to buy the braces..... as i recall i was subjected to a torrent of abuse. and being accused of trying to stir up trouble. oh well.... hows the 450? [i rode one in a car park very light,,,,and it started by hand]
  4. Mark_UK

    Knee braces. What to get?

    the tree if the brace doesnt fit well they will remake it for free. i found the armour donjoy brace more comfortable then there custom made brace,, its a lot lower profile and was designed for ski/mx use
  5. Mark_UK

    Pants over my braces?

    i have donjoy braces which are very low profile so even narrow fow360's have enough room for them but,,, sinisalo pants are very generous in the knee
  6. Mark_UK


    2004 models
  7. Mark_UK

    Report CTi2

    amped out,,,im interested. why is the side to side flex of importance?
  8. Mark_UK


    yeah i ride with a works mechanic for honda expect the 450x in 2004
  9. Mark_UK

    Report CTi2

    the donjoy armour brace is the best ive tried
  10. Mark_UK


    there will also be a 450 version by the way
  11. Mark_UK


    you mean like this? behold the crf250x,,,,,,,with electric start
  12. Mark_UK

    Report CTi2

    rudy ive had my donjoy armours since november last year,and couldnt be happier. This is the 3rd pair of braces ive had,(one custom made and one off the shelf*) these have been the most comfortable and not once have i damaged my race jeans seat or graphics.
  13. Mark_UK

    What wildlife do you see while ridin'

    i have a white brothers e-series exhuast with 12 discs............i never see any wild life
  14. Mark_UK

    Restore my confidence, PLEASE!

    i have a 98 yz400 and if it stalls i can normally flip the kick start out and fire it up as im still rolling,, without putting my feet down. but im used to it and theres definatly a knack. the problem is if you dont quite make it to the tope of that steep wet muddy hill my next bike will be electric start