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  1. That's what I'm hoping, to me they look pretty comfortable, I'm coming up on 50 and my track days are pretty much done, if I decide to go I still have some full length boots, I was just looking for something a little more durable than some steel toed boots I may slip on just to do some trail riding.
  2. Sorry but I couldn't find a thread dedicated to MX boots, so I'm wondering if anyone has tried these boots and if so, what are your thoughts? My wife asked if I wanted some new boots for Christmas, so I started looking around and found these. I've gotten out of MX riding and doing more trail riding, so I thought these might be a good pair to try. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fox-Racing-Bomber-Motocross-Boots-Blk-All-Sizes/323869410793?epid=1065896647&hash=item4b681f05e9:m:mYkQgrtVXoYH7iaUdMzaX4A
  3. Well after seeing most of the posts on here my project seems minuscule! But when I asked my buddy if he any old 2 strokes he wanted to get rid of, he said no, but he had a 2010 450R he would sell me for $1200. So my next question was, what is wrong with it?? He sent me a couple pics and didn't look too bad, but then he sent me a video of how it got "a little damaged". Front handlebars looked bent, but digging further, turned out to be the bolt in the triple clamp got bent! And of course the subframe was way off. The only thing I really had to do was buy a new subframe and I straightened that bolt myself. Got myself some new plastics and decals and ended up with a pretty nice 2010 450R with less than 2 hours ride time on it. So FF the video to about 1:07 and enjoy!! ha
  4. Been riding for 20+ years, always been a 2 stroker, I still have my 2001 CR125 but came across a deal on this 2010 450R I just couldn't pass up, so now I'm hooked. Huge difference and have only ridden it a couple times but I love the power these things have! It came stock, but I swapped out the plastic and did my own decals, they're not perfect but I was copying a Mugen team pic I found on the web.
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