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  1. racerxx276

    Draining fuel from 2016 KTM 350 SX-F?

    At sea level you would be correct, but at altitude the oxygenated fuel is priceless... Its also worth the $$ to get Toyko mods to put an altitude map on your ecu. That works as well as the good fuel.
  2. racerxx276

    Numbers on the Factory Editions removable?

    nope, not removable...
  3. racerxx276

    2015 vs 2016 350 XC-F

    Most dealers are only getting one more shipment of 16's in January. The odd are most of those are already sold. Finding one in september? not likely
  4. racerxx276

    2016 KTM Shock springs

    The 16 springs are 10mm shorter than the 15 springs. The only way I could get the stock length was to order it thru KTM. The longer ones just don't work...
  5. The 16 IMS tank is thinner than the stocker? how many gallon?
  6. I've done quite a bit of research on the difference's between the new 16 450 SXF and XCF. i currently own a 2015.5 factory Edition 450, 16 hrs on it and love the bike but my MX days are behind me . Have been thinking of selling it and getting the 16 450XCF. I've ridden them both back to back extensively . I can't really feel the weight difference or the different frame geometry. The frames are different, on the 450XCF the head tube is 10 mm higher and the steering offset is a 1/2 a degree steeper. I got this info directly from KTM. The mapping is very different.The soft map on the xcf has a lot of low and no top. The aggressive map is more like the SXF mapping. For off road I prefer the XCF mapping. I could get a tank, side stand and get the mapping redone or get the XCf? My dealer has a 16 450xcf sitting on the floor for me , anyone interested in a 16 hr 2015.5 FE 450?
  7. One of the advantages of the MX Tech suspension is his asymmetrical system. It gives you 3 separate compression adjusters. Low-mid and high speed adjustment. I can go from moto to off road by making some quick changes to the suspension clickers. I think its pretty much state of the art suspension, especially with the Huck valve controlling the bottoming .
  8. racerxx276

    2016 ktm user setting tool

    used one on KTMtalk http://ktmtalk.com/pp_classifieds/showproduct.php?product=49973
  9. I've tried the Stillwell suspension. Both his regular set up and his A kit. They are decent, but there are better out there for the $. Currently the best set up I've tried is Corey at ProTune. He's getting a rep on ktmtalk for very good suspension on the 4cs for half of what other charge. http://ktmtalk.com/showthread.php?517872-ProTune-Suspension-review-Awesome!!!
  10. racerxx276


    I first raced there in 1974, sweet memories! The whoops used to get huge compared to how they form these days.. I raced there 20 years straight. If I had a dollar for every lap I've done there I could retire very wealthy...
  11. racerxx276


    In the old days, 70's-80's it was a real sand track. The constant use has turned it into more of a hard packed sand track. The really good news is that to has returned to the original direction, which I believed flowed better...
  12. The Ktm warehouse is in wv from where they are shipped out from, I shouldn't have used the word "port"
  13. racerxx276

    2016 KTM 350 SXF Shock Spring

    MX tech has a rate chart that I would tend to agree with. I'm 180 and am running a 4.5 on my fe450 to get the correct sag numbers. It works very well http://www.mx-tech.com/mx-blog/