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  1. Finally someone hears that noise after the engine stops
  2. The problem was solved, it was neither the piston nor the main crankshaft bearings, the problem was in these two screws that were loosened a lot I clamped them on the engine and it no longer had any weird sound The bike is now working good
  3. That would cost me here in serbia less than 250€
  4. Thanks for the reply buddy, but I think it might even be the best idea to replace the piston, links, main crankshaft bearings, since I read on the internet that crankshaft bearings die very fast, so I'll change all that and send a reply when I fix everything that, thank you all for the answers my english is a little bad, i am from serbia greetings
  5. Okay i can post here a better video if you want guys but mechanic said to me that maybe is a piston and the rings bcs they have 230+ working hours , so i ordered 2 new main bearings and i am going to change the piston and rings also and we will see whats going on with the bike 😄
  6. Thanks for the help😀😀 On the vid when i turned off the motorcycle you can hear some screeching noise
  7. Where can i send you the video? If you can help me
  8. A couple of weeks ago I bought a Beta XTrainer 300 2017 with 230+ working hours i ride it 5 working hours for now, the engine goes off as it should have no flaws in Hard Enduro but the other day a weird noise was heard at the machine, I don't know what it was if they were the main crankshaft bearings or what's the problem? whoever can help me would be very grateful to him, by chance i recorded the sound of how that sounds , just turn up the volumen at the maximum so you can hear the noise in the video https://youtu.be/uB_9kE0zYKA
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