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  1. So uh, no one seems to concerned about the metal shavings in my oil? ­čśŤ
  2. No debris on the drain plug screen/strainer.
  3. Thank you for your reply. The vent box recall has supposedly been completed, will take a look tonight. I hope that the shavings will decrease. The oil didn't look terrible when I first changed it, but the filter not being replaced was not a good sign ­čśĽ. Wish I had a better idea on the number of hours on the engine.
  4. All, bought a used 2016 TTR-230 with unknown hours. After first oil changed, noticed this in the oil filter: I put in fresh yamalube 10W-40 and a new filter. After 5 hours of run time, I checked the oil and noticed these non-magnetic "slivers." This is how the filter looked: Thoughts? Bike runs just fine. A little bold blooded, but after 3-4 minutes of idling it runs great.
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