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  1. DGXR

    XR400 Sprocket sizing

    My 2003 XR400 had 15/48 when I bought it. First gear is quite low, perfect for tight technical or steep hills. The only thing missing is top speed so this may be an issue for you, although it depends exactly how fast your buddies are riding. Riding flat out against 450s, you will likely fall behind due to the shorter gearing. I never get above 50mph and this gearing is OK for that speed. To get much more than that, you'll have to spin high RPMs.
  2. DGXR

    Wait what? CR300X

    I might actually buy a 2 stroke someday if direct injection becomes mainstream... a 300cc, 58-hp 2-stroke trail bike sounds fun!
  3. DGXR

    Maintaining dirt bike trail.

    Yup, trail maintenance is necessary and it's hard work, but IMO totally worth the effort. It's important that we all do our part and give back, to support our hobby / sport / lifestyle and make it possible for future generations. Not everyone agrees that it has to be a group effort and it's those knuckleheads that get riding areas closed. Of course private property is another category, I'm just saying most people ride at "designated trails" that are not always respected. Thank you for your efforts, even if just on your own property. About the beaver dams, maybe a bridge would be a better option than blasting / trapping? Just a thought.
  4. I love it too! Great job on the transformation. The old Honda air-cooled thumpers are awesome. They do eventually wear out but it takes a very long time, even if ridden hard... just give them basic maintenance! Hard not to love something so tough and reliable. Sometimes I miss my 1984 XR500R, what a monster. Had it for 10 hard years and it never failed me. Enjoy the "new ride" LOL :D
  5. My thoughts exactly -- he tried *very* hard to keep it on 2 wheels. Hope he heals up quickly. Also, I'd say it could have ended far worse for him.
  6. DGXR

    “Say it ain't so, Chad”

    I agree about Reed's behavior holding up the leaders... doesn't matter if it's Dungey or anyone else, it's wrong. Chad is a good enough rider to avoid this kind of crap. Besides, I thought Reed was a good sportsman...? Isn't that why he has so many fans? Anyway, I also agree that the FIM officials are sleeping on the job. They really need to do better. Besides thee Reed incident, here is another example... Watch the trackside official at 3:41 in this video (that's the slow-motion replay)... the leaders are coming his direction and he nearly gets plowed because he's not paying attention: What the hell is that official looking at?
  7. Visitor Appreciation celebration weekend of Oct 15-16... Free park admission and free camping all weekend! Webpage: http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=24068 Flyer: http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/pages/1170/files/PC-VAD_Poster-Oct-2016.pdf
  8. DGXR

    Hard to start in gear?

    This is my general experience too. You may be holding in the clutch all the way but there's still some drag between the discs. Starting my bike cold in gear is simply not possible. It's not too bad after it's warmed up.
  9. DGXR

    what octane?

    Do not run 87 octane in your YZ400F if you want it to last. Your dad's old Suzuki might run OK on 87 depending on the compression ratio and overall condition, but if it's an air-cooled engine I would not risk it. Not sure why you are asking... if it's a money issue, just spend a few extra bucks and get the premium. If it's an availability issue, sounds like you should stock up whenever you can, and use a stabilizer so the fuel stays fresh. To answer your question on possible problems running 87 octane -- assuming you are riding the bike and occasionally going wide open with it: Best case scenario could be a hot running engine, reduced power (with spark knock), hard starting when hot, maybe some funny smells. Worst case scenario could be damaged piston and piston rings, burned valves, motor oil thermal breakdown (maybe increased engine wear), broken spark plug (electrodes or porcelain), who knows what else. My 1999 YZ400F has the same engine as your 1998. The sticker on the front fender says "premium unleaded gasoline only" or something like that (part of it is scraped off). Around here premium is 91 octane -- the bike runs awesome every time and I often ride it hard. I do run 87 octane through the YZF in the off season when the tank is dry -- just a few ounces funneled into the fuel line to fire it up and keep everything flowing instead of just letting it sit for months at a time. There is no load on the engine and it is OK to run it for a few minutes on 87 octane this way. My XR400R will run on regular all day long, no problems. It is a low-compression engine and I don't wring it out all the time, and of course it will run fine on premium too. I think of the XR as a tractor and the YZF is a Formula race car. Hope this helps you.
  10. DGXR

    Yz450f seize

    Never heard of hydro lock related to fuel or choke issues. Not sure if your bike has manual or auto compression release. You said it seized but I have to ask, can you kick it over using manual compression release? If not, or if it has auto compression release, try removing the spark plug and see if it will turn over. Only hydro lock I've heard of is when the engine ingests water (dropped in a river, etc). This can be cleared using the compression release, if the engine has it. Potential damage due to hydrolock (depending on the crash circumstances) can be blown head gasket, bent con rod, bent crank, damaged crank bearings, and other. Letting a bike run high idle with choke for 2 solid minutes is too long IMHO. You should be able to shut off the choke after 30 seconds and the bike should idle. Ride under moderate throttle until it warms up more, then let 'er rip.
  11. DGXR

    yzf 426 what year help please

    Try increasing the pre-load on the rear spring. But pre-load is correctly adjusted while you are sitting/standing on the bike, wearing full riding gear. Lots of info on here about pre-load, sag and ride height.
  12. DGXR

    Install 06 YZ450F Carb on 98 YZ400F

    I concur... I have a 1999 YZ400F and my mechanic and I both tried cleaning, adjusting, rejetting and rebuilding the original carb many many times. The result was always unsuccessful. The best mod we've done was replacing the stock carb with a FCR from a 2005 model, and rejetting. Now it starts easy, with smooth idle and great throttle response. I don't race and I don't crash too often, so I don't use the hot start hardly at all and wouldn't miss it if it were gone. It's easy to breathe out a flooded condition using the compression release, and get the engine to re-fire.
  13. Tell him you will not buy the bike, but also tell him you will help him reassemble the engine with the "repaired" connecting rod. Since he is so confident the rod is fine, he should not have a problem running it that way. I'm just very curious how long it will actually last. Please post back
  14. DGXR

    Won't stay running and pops

    I say turn off the gas and let it sit for a day or two and try it again. If that doesn't work, before pulling the carb, try tipping the bike over in the opposite direction it fell and tap on the carb body with something non-damaging, this might loosen up a stuck float as crf917rider said. It's worth a try and will save you from pulling the carb if it works.
  15. DGXR

    fresh top end break in

    After doing a fresh top end, my MMI mechanic runs bikes through two (2) heat-cooldown cycles, each one maybe 5 minutes with light throttle going up and down the street a couple times. The third cycle he puts a load on it with a handful of WOT runs (avoiding rev limiter), then changes the oil and it's good to go.