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  1. Send it back. Pro Circuit has lots of money, they did just win a SX Championship. They will take one look at yours throw it in the scrap bin and send you out a brand new one. Its not worth the headache for them and they wouldnt want that nice, new shiny 18 wheeler with Pro Circuit Kawasaki stamped all over it to end up looking bad in there customers eyes.
  2. barry

    Cutting it down...

    Ok but will it effect the motor. Would it lean it out to far and cause damage ?
  3. Hey there, Just wondering the pros if any and the cons if any to cutting the stock muffler in half on my 04' YZ450F. Thanks.
  4. I have a 2002 YZ250F. I checked the spark and it has what seems to be enough. The fuel is getting to the carb. I kick and kick and kick and it does not come close to even sputtering. The valves where checked before my last ride on the bike and everything was in spec. Its freezing here so i put it in the house for awhile and still no results. I replaced the plug with a new one. Should I tear the carb down or readjust the idle screw ?. If so what is the exact setting for the idle screw? 2 and 1/2 out i think. Ive owned this bike for 2 years and have had previous 400F's and havent had a problem. Please let me know any suggestions and results. Thanks.
  5. barry

    Poor 98' YZF forks

    John, will doing all these steps fix my fork problem? or what will it exactyl do ? thanks for the info
  6. I have a 98' 400f i had a leaky fork seal a few weeks ago so i decided to change both seals and put fresh fork oil in. I have been riding on them for 2 or 3 rides and they seemed great until one day i got on my bike and they felt like mush. I can pull up on my handlebars and when i do my forks will move up. It seems like there is a gap in the top part of my fork and when i ride i do not get full stroke out of the fork! the rebound is also bad. when i push down on the fork they wont fully come back up. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE. I cant stand them like this
  7. I own a 1998 yz 400f. I am the 3rd owner. The bike has been raced by all three owners and as far as i know it has been ridden a good few weeks out of every summer. What i would like to know is if i should replace the piston in this bike or if the engine should be good for along time yet. Any ways that i can check to see if it needs replacing or not ? thanks for your time and help.
  8. I own a 1998 yz 400F the bike is amazing and has been very good to me. It is fast , powerful and very reliable. I love riding this big monster. Im looking to sell it though and try some of the newer technology yamaha has come out with and i also have a line on a 01' so i would liek to know what are the big changes are in these 2 bikes as of weight , power , reliablility , control and suspension. IS it a good idea to sell off my 98' and go for the 01' any opinions and answers are appreciated. Thanks.
  9. barry

    yzf wierd off idle

    no i have not done this mod would it clear up the problem and give me that instant throttle response ?
  10. just a question if i snap my throttle back quickly on my yz 400F i dont have an instant response it blurps and almost stalls then it will rev up after that its like once i snap the throttle theres a 3 second delay {sometimes almost stalls} before theres a response. ??? maby carb or jetting problems im thinking but am not sure what to do about it ??? any help is appreciated
  11. i have a problem with my 2000 426 loud knocking sound on left side. I have checked timing chain and valves and they are fine and in tune. Knocking can be very noticible especially when bike is idleing. Im not sure what it is and i do not know if my bike is safe to ride right now. Too worryed about having my engine blow.
  12. barry


    So the rad has no damage and no holes AT all? and it would be fine if the epoxy was removed? I live in Canada but have a contact in the states where u could ship it to. would u take an offer of $60 U.S shipping included?
  13. barry


    I own a 1998 YZ400F and am in need of a right side radiator { fill side}. Mine is leaking and is basically Toast. If anyone has one laying around or has any parts bikes that have a rad that would fit, i would be interested in buying it for a reasonable price. Thank you for all your help.
  14. barry

    Needed YZF parts

    hi, i crashed 2 weekends ago and busted my throttle assembly and bent my bars. i am having trouble finding a new throttle assembly so i was just wondering if anyone would have a used one and a used set of good bars that i could buy for a good price. All suggestions and offers are welcome. Thanks for your time and help.
  15. barry

    YZ 400F throttle

    Would anyone have a throttle body assembly out there that they would be willing to sell. I need the hole casing that the cables run into and also the tube/ sleeve that goes over top of the handle bar. If anyone knows of any place i can get one cheap please let me know. Thanks alot.