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  1. Sycamore

    2019 300XC W TPI

    Same here. A bud crunched his clutch cover and lost all his oil also pretty rare. I thought about giving him 1/2 of my 6 month old 18 300w but instead offered to ride him out. lol Usually we carry something to fix the case even though it is way more rare then a battery going dead. Being prepared and proactive is much better strategy then the hope for the best fingers crossed strategy.
  2. Sycamore

    2019 300XC W TPI

    yeah forgetting to tighten bolts or batteries going dead, these things do happen. I've seen it quite a few times. Prevention by being thorough is key on both.
  3. Sycamore

    2019 300XC W TPI

    EXCELLENT! Better ramp up production. Anyone with a brain and owning a TPI or 4s FI shouldnt be without one that you offer, especially if no kicker.
  4. Sycamore

    2019 300XC W TPI

    Good to know but bad for TPI guys. Now they have to go out and buy one of those 150 dollar power mini batteries I guess. But hey, after you buy a bike for 10500 bucks whats another 150? lol
  5. Sycamore

    2019 300XC W TPI

    I would disco the battery leads and see if the bike starts. My thought is it wont. On 4s FI W KTM's it wont either. For them you need to put in a capacitor in place of the battery and it will start in 2 kicks. Thinking the 2s MIGHT be the same. The big reason you need to verify this is sometomes batteries short out evidently and you HAVE to remove those leads and that's where the capacitor is worth its weight in gold IF it works the same as a 4s W ktm. The low battery test is a good one if the bike doesnt burn up on you. lol I think the injectors need a certain levels of voltage to work. Again on 4s I think its like 9v. So if your battery is really lol, allegedly kicking it over a zillion times might eventually get you to the magic voltage number. Lots of things to consider with this new tech. For sure I would have a switch to cut the fan off. I've seen and heard bikes drain their battery on a kickerless bike. With FI it would double suck.
  6. Never happened...LIES! Ok yeah, I've heard of similar. A bud told me a guy on a ride heard his buds bike was about to stall and reached over and twisted the throttle and same as you..the bike squirted from underneath him and launch down a nasty off camber. LOL Lesson: The unwashed unreklused should not be touching the higher tech'd bikes. In fact they should automatically consider all other bikes superior than theirs until they know differently.
  7. Financial advisers make money off of how much money you have in your pile. So there is bias there. If your pile is big enough you do what you want with it, why else have it. If you have a big enough pile typically you are risking capital in markets every day and depending on the size of the pile the loss could be worth many bikes, cars, whatever. It's a hobby, for some even a lifestyle, you have a shelf life and it's best spending that time doing things that you enjoy. if you enjoy the possibility of repairing a used bike that sounds reasonable to me even though I would hate it depending on the severity. Unless of course I had lots of time on my hands. Your last sentence was interesting. I've had a LOT of new stuff and even more used. New is vastly superior in my experience despite my stuff looking years old after my first ride. lol The motor is tighter, suspension action the same, it just feels better, and better knowing there will likely be no surprises. But everyone is different I guess.
  8. Good deals on new bikes usually means its a bike no one wants. Good financing deals are usually made up somewhere else. I dont care about depreciation on a new bike as much as I care about the other fees they tact on like taxes. It makes any illusion of a good deal go bye bye. But you fend off thinking about it knowing the government is spending your money wisely. lol
  9. Sycamore

    What age did you peak?

    53. Not joking, and without a doubt. It's not all about physical conditioning...... for the type of racing I have done anyway. Enduro's, HS, Qualifiers. There is a lot of strategy that you learn along the way. I rode as a teenager, and was reasonably fast in MX but that's all I knew until just prior to quitting for 24 years. I finally figured out raw speed isnt everything if you land on your head along the way. I have beaten way better riders then me simply because they didnt think. The biggest mistake I think they make is going like a bat out of hell from the getgo. They take chances when they arent even warmed up, even with arm pump. Also with experience is bike setup. You have to know what works for YOU.
  10. There is NOTHING like buying new, everyone knows it, everyone would like to do it. IF they say otherwise they are lying. FACT, an undeniable FACT. But the question the OP put up has merit. It all depends on your circumstances financially. I've bought new and used and have had very good luck with both. What I dumped (not much really) in a used bike to get it up to snuff is offset by what came with the bike. On my yz250 it came with all kinds of goodies including a new top end and many other goodies. The idea of a dirt bike is to put a smile on your face. If your hand wringing over the cost of a new bike dont do it. Dirt bikes are reasonable solid (at least on 2 strokes) new or used. Buy what you can afford to maintain the smile.
  11. Sycamore

    Riding by yourself

    motionx is sweet. I dont show my wife it because I have the spot device but that is a pretty good idea. She is map and directionally challenged but (same with spot) but she can show show the authorities the route vs SPOTs ping location.
  12. Sycamore

    Riding by yourself

    This pretty much nails it for me for the past several years. I go months without cleaning my filter whereas I used to clean it every ride. Very peaceful riding alone. I do like riding with others too, it's just a really nice break, alone with your thoughts is the best way I can come away with.
  13. Sycamore

    Riding by yourself

    LOVE my spot. When the others get a OK feature I will consider them when mine takes a poo.
  14. Sycamore

    Auto clutch company’s?

    I recall Rekluse bought out Rev-loc. I have been using rekluse for years. Thus far never an issue and any questions I get answered on forums, Rekluse website, or calling there tech line. There latest auto the CX is a gem but pretty expensive but you do get a real nice case cover for the coin. But if you never want to stall, or want super traction it's worth the money.
  15. I started my two weeks of riding in Cloudcroft. I was tenting it but rain or the big threat of rain put me in a cabin. Rain was all around me while riding but only got into it for a short bit. Conditions were amazing despite some slick stuff. I was using an mt43 which worked quite well. I was riding alone on this trip which I do occasionally. You typically meet people on the trail and it's fun getting to know new faces. I guess the rain scared people off cause I didnt see a soul. My tracks were the only ones 2 days, the first day I saw some on one section. Bummer, but it was cool to have my own riding joint too. On my third and last day I wanted to try a trail that took me all the way to Alamogordo. I started off on what seemed to be probably the best trail yet. I was actually smiling under my helmet and wicking it up a bit going down the mountain until the trail started to rut out from the rain. It was then I got catapulted from the bike. Landed pretty hard, took stock of myself then noticed my chest protector was broke, fixed it with tie wraps while searching for what my have caused the incident. Nothing. Started the bike and tried to go but the rear wheel just spun. Found the front wheel would not spin and the culprit was a rock jammed in between the spokes and caliper! I removed it and the wheel would turn but rubbing on pads evidently. OK rotor bent, not biggy. Bent it back, still no good. Ended up removing the rotor and riding up the mountain. Once home I found the culprit. Caliper pins bent. You cant just buy the pins either, you have to buy the whole dang unit. Fortunately I have a spare and pulled the pins. Anyway. I never had this happen before or know anyone either. Pretty scary and glad I wasnt still nailing the trail when it happened. Do those disk covers prevent this kind of thing?