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  1. lol, You just changed the perimeters. 24/60 hours Pro vs 240 hours with a reasonably high end A rider were the numbers I gave. No 24/60 hours pro vs high end A rider. But given your new perimeters the only difference is wear is likely the clutch, maybe a tad more piston ring wear. Speeds mean about nothing. Anyone can pin a bike on those groomed GH hiway's. Put the right main in and there isnt all that much difference other then corner speed and jumps if there are any. The GH vids didnt impress me, but vids are like that. Dont know much about 125's other then they go thru pistons quick and dont care about them anyway, like I said I personally dont care about the 250f-bombs, most know they are time bombs, you found out the hard way. bummer! We're talking 250/300 2s. I dont recall a hearing about a single failure in MANY hundreds of hours use. But STILL no one can tell my if any GH 2s motors blew?? Surely if this was a test of motor reliability there must have been some that took a shit?
  2. LOL. So IF I'm understanding you right you think a Pro doing 24 hours is still more detrimental to a bikes well being then an A rider racing and doing A trail riding at race speeds for 240 hours? I've ridden with a LOT of semi-pro's (Pro's too) and found the difference between me an them is about the same as them and a Pro. Most of that difference is in fitness with a tad or two or five riding acumen thrown in. But parity between pro 24 hours vs a once semi high level A rider at 240 hours? Lets be reasonable here!! lol Yeah never buy a dune bike has been said by everyone but maybe they were only taken there a few times per year? I rode my cr500af for many hundreds of hours on the original motor, bought a spare motor popped it in while I had an X team Kawi mechanic go over it and he bored and was ready to be popped in again. Everything else checked out fine. I asked the question prior but got no response, which is kind of a response in itself. How many motors took a crap at GH? Talking 2s here and dont care about 4s. Then ask yourself how many motors took big craps on the trail? I've seen clutches go, heard of em too. But trannys or pistons? Maybe I have but I sure dont remember.
  3. I dont race any more. But when I did my riding was the same or faster then when I raced. Usually I go slower in a race. I only whip out what I need to try and beat the other guy. lol My riding now is totally different now and probably 80% 1st - 3 gears for hours on end. 4x4=16 per month times 12= 192 then add a week or two bike vacation to CO or wherever. This past year I didnt ride nearly as much-injured list. When I raced I rode less hours vs all day, but race pace, still not all that much pinning, but on it. All my bikes have been rock solid after stupid amounts of hours on them. A couple of them used and likely flogged before I got them. Even my sweet cr500af was a 4 year dune king prior to my rescue. I hear that isnt too easy on a bike. My 06 YZ was owned by a Pro, then an old guy, then a dune dude, the bike looked pristine but who knows?? 2s are like anvils, they are all REALLY good and I have no doubt beta is up with the best. 24 hours of GH is legendary, but bare bones test to me. It's ok to disagree with that, I just like the testing I have seen in the field better.
  4. I've seen the same ones bitchin on other bike sites. Too funny and what I have been saying about "certain" brand bike owners. They circle the wagons not only when they THINK they hear negs about their beloved, but just the presents of other brand owners infuriates them. And besides I was invited to this site by a very reasonable beta owner. lol
  5. Hey everyone is different, I am sure that stuff is exciting to some, heck that last vid of the tighter stuff was ok and even the fast GROOMED forest road stuff would be neat to jump, maybe once. But if that's all I had to ride/race I'd probably quit riding/racing. Others might live for it, and that's ok.
  6. You need to set your standards higher. 60 hours in a YEAR? Most here get that in 3 months. lol
  7. There is some truth to this, probably because you're working harder to read even boring terrain and the reason lighting is so important. If its too good it likely gets boring again. lol
  8. In "bad as it appears" I meant maybe not as boring. lol Not being able to see past the fender makes it boring and stupid. At least if they are still singing the motor in it. lol I just think any new motor set up right will easily do 24 hours of straight racing. It may prove something to some beta owners wondering if their bike is up to snuff (comparatively speaking) but I already know it is. The bike is solid and likely doesnt take a back seat behind any brand. IF this race means anything about how bikes hold up, how many new bike motors blew up in the race? Probably none. DNF's likely happened with ancillary items, lights, flats, wheels, etc. Hell even old bikes can do this race. A local guy did it on an old YZ . Hey maybe I'm wrong, but I sure hope I'm not.... for the sake of us all.
  9. Yeah KTM has them sorted better then ever before, but all brands could use some tweaking. I sunk money into my 300w, and yz. My buds have the AER stuff and think they are the deal but still sunk money in them. Some are telling me they havent touched their W suspension other then springs and for what they do with the bike it's the best they have ever ridden. Maybe I should have waited and tried it stock for more then just one ride.
  10. Clearly beta is legit but 60 hours aint squat.
  11. Yeah Riding at night is kind of surreal. And deciphering terrain is challenging no doubt. Plus video is deceiving as hell so probably not as bad as it appears.
  12. OK I did. Hasnt change my mind, especially glad I never did that race now. lol If I had to ride fast flat stuff like that I would quit riding. lol Probably a good place to test motor durabilility at high rpm though. Still, meh. Put a rich main in there and it's probably good for the motor.
  13. Anybody else think this looks boring as hell?
  14. Not really. I'm and expert and ride with other experts and semi-pro's. 60 hours is nothing IMO. If something took a crap on the bike with those hours I would hope it's an anomaly. Any 2s should last that easily.
  15. I dont dispute that it is a quality machine, I know it is from riding buds that have them. So is yammie and ktm. Although you could (actually I could) argue ktm isnt a finished product but reliability-wise on components that matter, pretty darn good. But I will check it out.