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  1. I wear PCS. I had neck pain after every ride a few years back. I bought the neck pad and GONE. Elbow pads, chest protector, knee guards or braces, goggles with a nose guard. I also look at fanny packs as lower back/butt protection. In races I used to fill up voids with sponges. Its non-conventional but so am I. lol
  2. I've tried plastic before and the coverage sucked and they got beat up QUICK vs my alum which lasted for however long I had the bike. I bought an 18 300 and tried plastic one more time since I want to like them. Hey they are lighter and we all want lighter bikes. The handling angle on plastic is bs IMO. I bought the AXO extreme and it is WAY thicker, WAY better coverage, WAY more expensive then other plastic or alum. I've had it for 7 months now running trail poo for much of it. It's gouged and ugly but is working quite well thus far. I suspect it will become a wear item after another year or so and I will need to replace it vs the alum which will last forever but I am willing to do it for the weight savings. I think it was a pound if I remember right.
  3. Yup on it all. But hey they got us/me. I wont ride without one in fear of the one in a zillion chance of starting a fire. To your point about the head pipe. One of the reasons I quit riding 4s is the super heated head pipe. I've smelled wood burning and looked and found tree branches wedged in there smoking.
  4. I kind of agree but it depends on what your doing with a bike. Right now I'm pretty happy with the bike with a Keihin. It gives it a nice bump off the bottom and maybe elsewhere. More flow-e stuff or elevation would have me looking for power.
  5. Yeah, my 300 has more torque then my now gone 250w with an sx head but not all that much. It all depends on what you want and what works for you. The 250 has other bennys the 300 just cant match and they benefit me more for what I do. I keep looking for guys with a 17/18 250 that want to go 300 and sell their 250 top ends. Havent seen a one yet, maybe they discovered what I did and are keeping them??
  6. Ban rakes, or any rock on rock contact. Cool.
  7. Thanks! The second link proves my point, They have no data, just guess work and SA's are just a precuation: Sparks from the exhaust system. Almost all muffler systems can produce sparks. While these do not ignite as many fires as direct contact, they are an occasional cause. Spark arresters are used on some vehicles, and work effectively. The specific causes of fires—sparks or material overheating on the exhaust system— usually cannot be distinguished either because the detail was not recorded in the database, or the actual cause of the fire was not determined. Thus, requiring spark arrestors would likely reduce the number of fires, but the impacts cannot be estimated accurately. In Alberta current legislation does not require the use of approved spark arrestors on ATVs. The regulations in place state: 3 Beck, J., formerly of the Wildland Fire Operations Research Centre, field trials in Jasper, Alberta, temperature of burning forest fuels, summer 2001. Unpublished data. 4 Although not part of the study, fires caused by people using ATVs in forested areas numbered 10 in 2001 alone, resulting from abandoned camp or meal fires. 5 These causes are listed under attributes Activity and True Cause in the database. a Data from Schmiemann (2002). 11(1) All steam and internal combustion engines used within the forest protection area shall be equipped with spark arresters or mufflers in good working condition, each of a type approved by the forest superintendent. (Province of Alberta 2001a) Fires started by people using ATVs but not directly by the machines, e.g., campfires, are not included in this report. These fires result from the direct actions of people, not due to their equipment. My takeaway from it all is 4 strokes have way higher exhaust heat and more apt to cause a fire. I say ban them and we're good. lol That third one is exactly my other point with the story of the rake and rock. Likely this happens way more then we think.
  8. If the tank is 3.5g that's about a gallon more then stock, pretty cool.
  9. Or your laziness to produce what YOU rap about. It's cool though. I've never seen or heard a lack of SA caused a fire but dont doubt it's at least possible. I mean unless someone is there to witness a spark hit a combustible likely it's a guess. Could have been just as easily two rocks colliding from the back tire. Anything is possible, just does it get to the level of even close to probable. Thinking no. Still I dont mind using one, just know it's likely pretty silly.
  10. Spot on. Mine- 2003 Service Honda CR500af. When I hear people talk about the crazy out of control power the cr500 has I have to wonder what they are talking about. There are a few things I wish the bike had, such as a lower first gear, basically a WR tranny. And yeah with the tall first gear and lame clutch feel stalling happens. I went rekluse and it transformed the bike. It really is a trail weapon so long as you dont ride it like a 250.
  11. Please produce them. Thanks.
  12. lol, and you better believe some ranger would likely ticket you if you didnt have one. haha. I think the whole SA question is one of overkill. Likely the risk is SOoooo small but look at some of the response on here with "if it just stops one fire it's worth it" I always get a chuckle at those same comments on other topics. A bud was on a cleanup of a local park here and was using a rake to tidy up the trail. He banged the rake against a rock or rock on rock that shot a spark and a nearby bush caught fire. So maybe we should ban rakes cause if it just stops one fire it's worth it.
  13. No pic showed up but I have long been considering a larger tank. I dont know that I would go 4.5 though. Maybe a 3.4 or thereabouts.
  14. I can relate
  15. Yup. And to your point about cooling. I really didnt see a difference there. With the larger cooling area it's logical to think there is some but my fan was on the same as before.