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  1. Good info. Yeah I heard something was going on. I even donated to the cause a few years back. Never rode the area and this was my chance to do so. Bummer on the timing. I have a jeep trip up there next week to do the mtn passes so I will keep an ear out for when/IF I go back up two weeks later. I may just end up going elsewhere, havent made up my mind.
  2. Right now Rico area is closed, but if it opens up for your trip, Kurt and I will ride with you. Send me a PM as we get closer. Excellent!
  3. I have two weeks off in July, thinking of heading up to CO Crested Butte area. Was thinking Rico too but looks closed?? If anyone of you geezers is up there and see a well set up white jeep with a utility trailer and ktm camping, stop by for a beer with a fellow geezer. Pics to follow.
  4. Another reason I love racing now that I dont do it is the trails are just mine. No one there just me enjoying the joint. The same reason I love sports. While everyone is sitting home in front of the tube I'm out owning the place. Every year I get invited to a super bowl parties and it is fun. One year I blew them all off and went skiing. I dont know why they had the slopes open, there was only a handful of people there but I sure was glad they did. Best time ever. lol
  5. Nice! Those that say they have nothing to prove to themselves are either lying or dont know how to push themselves. If we are not pushing ourselves in daily life or pushing our kids we arent getting the most out of ourselves. It teaches us how to bust down walls should we come up against them and the feeling one gets when that wall tumbles down. My boy was in boy scouts and some of our journeys were not very pleasant, it took some courage and gumption and a lot of whining and wanting to quit...not to mention lots of puking. But THEY are the experiences the boys talked about not silly easy stuff. I asked my son if he sees a pattern. lol It doesnt have to be in racing. Riding a nasty arse trail where your cussing and saying to yourself WTF has rewards....but they come later. haha/
  6. This is really a good post. My job for the most part is pretty tame. Racing definitely gens up the pressure but the fun is in tempering it and riding smart enjoying the course. If one has pressure on the job and needs an escape from that racing is not the place unless it how you want to learn temperance. THE best part of not racing is not having to train. Every ride seemed to be a race, never actually seeing the surroundings. Dirt bikes take you to some really cool spots.
  7. I'm a scenic rider now too. But when I raced I started out as a B rider and didnt like it. Too many bottle necks and guys twisting throttles who really shouldnt be. I soon jumped to A and the whole thing changed for me. More gentlemanly, rarely a bottleneck, guys pulled over to let faster riders go, etc. Talking enduro here. As for MX I rode it as a kid prior to the doubles and triples of today and was scared to death of setting foot on a mx track but relented. The thing that changed my mind was a guy who said it is something everyone should experience on a dirt bike. Flying threw the air is something every biker should check off. I got on the track and followed an expert and did EXACTLY what he said and did some doubles and tabletops and became somewhat ok with it. I didnt do it much but glad I did. I also found it helped my on the trail. I think MX squares you to the bike like nothing else can. Oh and about your comment on "brings out the skills that favors twisting the throttle" . True but most of those guys peter out pretty quick and has been the secret of some of my successes being that I'm not all that great. Guys typically are racing full tilt in the beginning and make a lot of mistakes in doing so. I've been riding like Jarvis before there was a Jarvis, minus the skills of course. LOL
  8. Good post. I raced and LOVED it...ok not all of it. Some courses just sucked but the good ones were memorable. There is just something about racing that kept me doing it long after I should have stopped. I think it is because it encapsulates life pretty accurately, all in about a 4 hour duration. It's got it all. You can be in THE best shape, bike setup to the nines, feel like a winner and something stupid just bites you. Sound familiar in your daily life? You could also go race and not be prepared and have a wild hair up your butt and just come alive nail it. I've gone with bald tires and killed it. You could do a killer section that no else or few matched and the rest of it sucked and for some reason it doenst matter and all that does is that one section. Kind of like a golfer blowing every hole but gets a hole in one on the 18th. You could NAIL a course and still not trophy because the competition was just that good but again it doesnt matter. One of my favorite races I came in 6th in the 30 class 11th OA. There is a lot more for sure but one of the best parts of racing is the stories with buds. Ball busting, having a nemesis is great too. I'm glad I dont race anymore but I'm sure glad I did it. I think if you own a bike you are missing out one huge experience.
  9. I think they are going with a Wankel motor since the patents have expired. Piston engines go bing bang bong, Wankel engines go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  10. I may not have much wiener, but I have a bucket of nuts to spare!! lol Hearing yammie is copying (that super inventive highly innovated) beta's seat button. Their market research shows it pegs the rider giddiness quotient up around estart and TPI levels without nearly the expense of them.
  11. I was being factitious, as you were in your last sentence. I have always said there are a few bennys with FI/TPI, just not enough to overcome the negs. Others feel different and that is totally cool.
  12. I'm not sure how you mean this but while you cant price it out of existence you for sure can put a HUGE dent in it. But no one would stand for it. What probably should happen is a tax on each off road purchase that goes to enforcement and cleaning up damage to the land. It sucks but that may be where we're at IF it is a bad as all that. This isnt without precedent. Sporting goods have a good size tax on it and was brought about by the almost extinction of deer for example during the depression. West Virginia had very little deer left. It was so bad they brought some in from Maine. The taxes were used for habitat and enforcement. With no enforcement of the land it is an anything goes. This isnt helped much by the two tier system of justice with our upper crust politicians, or the illegal alien problem. This attitude trickles down.
  13. Need to go where there is "real" single track... West side oregon. It's all up or down and big timber and nothing fits between the trees but a bike... Not saying we dont have any, but some nice stuff gets chitted up. We have lots of pro's living here because of the terrain. Taylor Roberts for example lives about 10 miles from me.
  14. If it were happening in my back yard I'd likely go insane too. Plus as an old guy like me you knew what the area used to be like and that in itself is hard to take. With the economy picking up a larger percentage of people will be buying SXS. I've only been in one about 7 years ago and it was amazing. I'm told they are easily twice as good now. Suspension and motor is just crazy. Maybe the answer is more televised sports, sports betting, legalizing pot, and other drugs to have people entertained without getting out of the house.
  15. Part of the problem is us. A nice trail starts as a small line of single track that eventually gets eroded and C riders and A riders decide to pick a better line and widen the track. After a while the small ribbon is quad wide, then sxs and jeep wide. Another problem is secret single track gets created so that A-holes dont ruin it and then an A-hole finds it a tell all their girlfriends. lol I have pretty much given up on the local trails and just ride far away plus I dont ride as often anymore. Getting back into jeeping, maybe some overlanding. Hunting too. Unless things/attitudes change something will have to happen. I am up for making off roading more expensive to filter out at least some of the chit. Problem is many culprits have the cash so that might not help other then to finance offroad cops out there ticketing us.. yuck.