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  1. 97chevy

    Where is 4th gear?!

    When you shift into 4th gear and it feels like neutral, can you shift up again to get it in 5th?
  2. 97chevy

    2006 CRF250r Hard Starting

    Got to work on some more tuning today. I am able to get the bike to start when warm using the following procedure. Gas on, hand off throttle, find TDC, and a single kick starts it. When it was cold, I was able to get it going by choke on, gas on, find TDC, 2 quick turns of throttle, and a good firm kick. If it started and stopped, repeat the cycle. From what I can tell, this bike is very sensitive to wanting to start when it's at TDC. If not at TDC, you can kick forever and it probably ends up flooding. My Yamaha and Kawasaki 250f's were not sensitive like this, so maybe it's a Honda thing. At least I know now. The final thing is that even with a 42PJ, I need to have the Fuel Screw at about 3-3/4 turns from seated for little popping under deceleration. Temp is about 60F, so I may need to go up to a 45PJ. Further ride testing will confirm this. At least the R&D Fuel Screw is the cable type, so I do not think it will fall out during initial riding and testing.
  3. 97chevy

    2006 CRF250r Hard Starting

    I am just coming back to the MX scene, after about a 6 year hiatus. I purchased a non running 06 CRF250R for a winter rebuild project. Upon tearing it down, it was noted that the balancer gear exploded, locking up the shift shafts so the bike only had 1st and neutral. Since the balancer gear stopped, so did the oil pump and it took out the bearing in the exhaust rocker and the cam. The piston pin also had some light galling from lack of oil. The cylinder had a nick in it as well, from an unrelated issue it appears. So the engine got a full inspection, a new balancer shaft and gear, camshaft, rocker arm, cam chain, new balancer bearings, oil pump, cylinder, piston, rings, gaskets, and any other mating gears from the gear explosion. Bike also got reshimmed due to the new cam and rocker arm. The bike also got rejetted to Pro Circuits 06 jetting specs, along with the AP pump timed. Has a R&D external fuel screw. Upon getting it together, the bike is extremely hard to start. I am running non-ethanol 91 pump gas. Once the bike starts, it runs and idles well. Crisp and clean revs, no lean popping. If you shut the bike off, the bike will not start. I've tried the Ron Hamp decompressor mod as well, and the bike still is a bear to start. I did a leak down test, and I am at about 5% leakage. (100psi in, 95psi on 2nd gage). I have a new spark plug, new air filter, valves are at 0.005" intake, and at 0.010/0.011" exhaust. What am I missing?
  4. Hey! Im moving out to the Norfolk area in the next couple weeks from Minnesota. Im planning on bringing my '11 kx250f with me. I'd be game to ride anywhere, If I cant find anywhere to ride though, I'll probably just sell the bike.
  5. 97chevy

    Yamaha YZ250F

    Well I USED to be Yamaha loyal. Before by 11 Kx250f, I had a 09 Yz250f LE, an 05 Yz250f and a 03 Yz250f. Immediately when I rode the Kx, I noticed the different feel as compared to the Yamaha's. The KX felt a lot more nimble, as well as "small" feeling (light, flickable, ect) compared to the 09 Yz. Either my 09 Yz250f was a lemon or it was completely gutless. I guess the Yamaha "felt" fast until I rode the Kawi. I put 60 hrs on the 09 Yz, and all i did was oil and filter changes. The motor was bulletproof, the valves never moved, clutch seemed perfect, and all in all it required little maintainence to keep it running. Of course I did regrease everything when new and paid attention to detail during services. In the end, UNLESS this 11 Kawi has a catastrophic failure during the first 30-40 hrs, I will never purchase another carb'd yamaha again.
  6. 97chevy

    Blown 2011

    Im also starting to get concerned with this issue. I have just over 5 hours on my 2011, and am wondering if this will happen to me. Did you happen to notice anything at all before the rod bearing let loose? I know you mentioned copper in the oil filter, but that was only after the issue.
  7. How about selling a bike (09 yz250f), to fix a snowmobile (04 Yamaha MTN Viper 162")... and then selling the snowmobile (MTN Viper) to buy a bike (2011 Kx250f). Sounds like a vicious cycle to me!
  8. Could somebody please look up and tell me the free length for the stock clutch springs on a 09 Yz250f? I lost my 09 manual, and looked in a 07 yz250f manual and it said the limit was 1.55"..... I have 50.1 hrs on the bike, and i show 1.42" on my springs, are they this worn out? The clutch plates all spec out good. Im thinking maybe shorter springs were used in the 09 vs the 06? Any help would be greatly appriciated.
  9. 97chevy

    Best OTD prices on 09 250f's

    Take it for what its worth, but i got my brand new 09 Yz250f in the crate last April 19th, 2009 for $4999 OTD U.S. Dollars.
  10. Also look at the radiators. The 450's have enormous radiators compared to a 250f
  11. 97chevy

    Something missing?

    If i remember correctly, the last yzf fork i have worked on with the black rubber caps was a 04 with the single chamber KYB 48mm forks. In 2005, they switched to the dual chamber 48's, and the bottom of the fork was a "17 mm nut". The 2004 has a ~10 mm allen/hex key slot instead of the 17mm nut like the 05 and newer. Atleast this is how i remember it all.
  12. 97chevy

    Hopefully an easy response.

    I would recommend the 250f. The 250f will haul almost everybody around just as fast as they need to go, if they ride the 250f to its full potential. IMHO, there is only a select amount of riders that need a 450 to be competitive, or are someone who can use the 450 to its full potential. I myself am on a 2009 Yz250f, and have raced MX for the past 4 years. It is plenty of bike, and if i do end up feeling the need for a little more "snort", it will get sent out to Jessie at Williams Motowerx. Lets say you rode the majority of dunes, and big open fields and real fast paced open trail riding, i would recommend the 450. However the 250f still can have the gearing changed to run in these situations aswell... Happy Riding!
  13. 97chevy

    Which stainless brake line?

    Just wondering how do you like the line on your 09? My 09's front brakes are really spongy, bled them several times with no improvement, so i was going to replace the line for a SS.
  14. 97chevy

    09 yz250f backfires

    I had to go from a 42 (stock) to a 45 (stock from a 09 yz450) PJ to get rid of my popping. If you have to go anymore than 3 turns out, step up that pilot jet.
  15. Hey all, a few of my bikes finally need some new seals, but i was looking for the Stock Oil Levels/Volumes for these three bikes. Outer chamber levels are really the only ones needed, but if you know both, i'd greatly appriciate the info! Bikes are, 2009 Yamaha YZ250f 2008 Yamaha YZ450f 2003 Suzuki RM125 Have a good one!