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  1. Paul-P

    Athena yz125 kit reveiw?

    I've had this kit almost a year. I've never had any problems with this kit, it pulls strong and is definatly faster then stock. it has a great mid to top pull and plenty of over rev
  2. Paul-P

    Effects of different plugs in 125?

    the br8eg will be fine. i have a 2005 yz125 and i ran the br8eg in the 90s and the bike ripped harder then it ever has.
  3. Paul-P

    xr250 problem

    thanks for the info. yeah its been a great bike for me too, i picked it up for dirt cheap with the stock bars,tires, and grips still on it, it was basically a time capsule until i put riding time on it. i honestly think it could have been me putting too big of an o-ring, it leaks slow but it still leaks! ill just pull it off replace the o-ring (i have a mm set of o-rings) and deburr the dial and it should fix the problem. another thing is wrong with the bike since i bought it. the first day i rode it i noticed that every time i stopped and took off a grinding noise comes from the clutch. its a real quick grind, it only does it when i let the clutch go quick, if i ease the clutch slowly it doesn't do it. what do you think that could possibly be? I've got no idea? maybe its from the clutch engaging so hard and quick that it grinds a little bit i don't know?
  4. Paul-P

    xr250 problem

    i have a 1988 xr250 and one day i looked at my clutch cover and the oil cooler line (next to your oil filter) had oil leaking from it, so i decided to change the oil and figured id just replace the o-ring and it would be fixed so i did that and after a couple weeks it started leaking all over again. maybe i put too big of an o-ring? do of you guys have any suggestions on why it does it?
  5. i want to post some pics but i dont know how
  6. i have a 2005 yz125 with the following mods done to it. engine:athena 125 works cylinder kit,dep full exhaust,boysen rad valve, and ported. suspension:forks; oil lock collars, low speed valves,pressure springs. rear shock:works pre-load ring,titanium rear shock spring,high speed compression spring,enzo piston plate,works bladder cap i also have tag sprockets and a er2 DID chain, also i have tm design glider,buffer,and wheels. theres also acerbis enko vented handguards and protaper bars with pillowtop grips and moose radiator guards(not the ugle cages still has stock radiator louvers). i was wondering how much i could ask for the bike. i dont want to ask too much money because i know its a 2005 and its a 125, the bike is really clean and it was meticulously maintained. it was rebuilt every 10 hours and bare framed to be cleaned and regreased every 30 hours the spokes were checked after every ride and i cleaned the airfilter after every ride (this bike was never beat). it was my race bike and mostly seen tracks. i just want to get a resonable amount considering how much time and money i spent on the bike. let me know what i can ask for the bike i was thinking 2900? i can post some pics but i dont know how can someone tell me how?
  7. Paul-P

    peracity? cylinder plating questions

    will this have any affect on the piston ring, also is this now a weak spot on the plating? will this make it easier to flake.
  8. Paul-P

    peracity? cylinder plating questions

    has any one else had this im looking for some reasurince I just don't no if this will be safe and im scared just to go test it out because I no how shops opperate if u run the bike no matter what they will try and say it was your fault if it blows.has any one even heard of this before?
  9. I just got my cylinder back from max power to have it replated. and when I gogot it back expecting to see a nice new cylinder sitting in front of me, I noticed 3 or 4 little holes around the transfor ports. I give them a call and the guy tells me the little holes in the plating are perocity, and there is no way to get ride of them, but he told me the cylinder is ahindred percent safe to run and there should be no other problems. Is this true? should I run this cylinder, is it safe? have any of you had an experience with something like this, and what was the out come?
  10. thanks for the info. any one got anything else. does anyone no the first year it was held?
  11. im getting ready to replace all the bearing in the lower end. tranny and main bearings. im thinking of just letting the shop press them in and out but I haven't priced it yet. I waslalso considering buying an arbor press to he'll press them in and out, would this be a strong enough press to do this? also some of the tranny bearing are blind holes how should I go about removing those?
  12. hey guys, I need some help with a report for school. I chose to write a report on lorretta lynn, but im finding it hard to find information on this. any thing u guys no can help. im needing information on the history of this race( when it was started, who started, why was it started, key highlights through out the year). I have information on qualifing, the races, the classes, all of that. but any information on what its like at the ranch when ur not racing... basically any help u can lend will help me out very much.
  13. Paul-P

    Boyesen Rad Valve jetting suggestion for 06

    i would say u should be able to leave ur jetting and still be safe because boyesen recommends leaning the main size down 1-3 settings. so i would say for the dunes you sould be fine with ur jetting and then be able to slowly lean it down.
  14. Paul-P

    So I rode a Honda....

    just imagine a yz500. rocket ship!