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  1. OrlandoCRF450

    2013 CRF450R likes dislikes?

    Likes: Light, great ergos, with re-valve handles and corners great, engine easy to mod for more power where you want it. Overall dependable and fairly low maintenance. Dislikes: Stock- the engine is pedestrian. Transmission can give you trouble. My third & fourth gears were worn out after 70-80 hours despite clutch and shift forks looking like new. Symptom was false neutral between 3 & 4. Overall: I love this bike!
  2. OrlandoCRF450

    2017 crf450r here it is!

    Thanks, makes sense. Cycle News must have been in too much of a hurry to 'break' out the specs, or just got it wrong in translation.
  3. OrlandoCRF450

    2017 crf450r here it is!

    Spec's listed in Cycle News said that the Intake Valves are steel, just the same as the Exhaust Valves. If that is right, it's kind of an odd change that they went away from the titanium w/coating.
  4. OrlandoCRF450

    Random stalling of 2010 CRF450R

    I don't think that the issue is flame-out. Sounds like a clogged fuel filter.
  5. OrlandoCRF450

    Performance supplements

    I guess everybody is different. Creatine really aided my strength training in a number of ways a few years back. I took/take B-12 everyday as well. Problem for me though was just the opposite- terrible arm pump issues for a long period of time! Tried all of the standard to reduce it, but it kept coming back. I read an article on Davi Millsaps cutting out creatine from his supplement regimen to help with his armpump issues. I stopped taking it, and damn if I didn't see a huge difference in my own armpump problems. Tried cycling creatine back up slowly (love what it does for my workouts)- armpump came right back. No change in riding technique, so I am convinced that creatine causes armpump for me. I stopped it for good. I still take whey protein, BCAAs, and some other helpful supplements- but swore off creatine. For others it could be a lot different tho.
  6. OrlandoCRF450

    hot cam

    Susco64: I'm thinking of doing the exact same mod to a stock 13. Did you get a re-map as well? Thanks.
  7. OrlandoCRF450

    2004 Kickstarter Jams, not siezed- what to look for?

    Awesome Rocksalt! It was the collar- it slid up the spindle from under the pinion gear, causing that gear to bind when torqued away from the spindle. U da MAN and my son n I thank you!
  8. OrlandoCRF450

    2004 Kickstarter Jams, not siezed- what to look for?

    Thanks Rocksalt- I'm gonna try these things right now...
  9. OrlandoCRF450

    2004 Kickstarter Jams, not siezed- what to look for?

    Thanks Argmister. I didn't remove the basket so the gear should still be on correctly. Maybe the issue is caused by the ratchet failing on the kickstart spindle? The spring, idler and pinion gear all look fine. I'm taking the spindle apart this evening and will update. If someone has other ideas please let me know.
  10. Please help me, I crave one of you TT experts! I've searched throughout thumpertalk and still can't figure out how to inspect and troubleshoot my son's 2004 CRF450 kickstarter jamming from the top of the stroke. Engine is not seized, inspection cover is off and engine turns with 8mm allen. Jamming started intermittent but got worse as day wore on, bike runs great otherwise. When it jams, I can put it in gear, rock it, then it normally releases. Put it back in neutral and will have one kick before jamming at top again. We replaced clutch plates four rides ago and we use 750mm oil for tranny side, yet if I try to kick in 1st after rocking bike jumps forward with clutch in. Basket was a little notched, but not enough for me to decide to replace. I don't believe that this is the issue with the kickstart jamming. I have the right side cover off, idler and pinion gear seem to mesh fine. Should I take apart kickstarter spindle, or remove clutch basket to see more? What should I look for please?
  11. OrlandoCRF450

    Filter Sock Question for EFI Bikes

    I purchased an 09 new, in late 2009 and used the filter sock from CRF Stuff right away. With my riding conditions and style I had to change the fuel filter at about 60 hours. I now have 93 hours on the bike and no more issues yet. I hope that this answers your question on how long it can last.
  12. OrlandoCRF450

    Hard starting and weak power

    Bought my 09 new a year and a half ago, and it came from the factory with a bad stator. Took a lot of effort to find the problem, and had a lot of the same symptoms you listed. If it's not fuel pump I would check the stator.
  13. OrlandoCRF450

    EBC 04 Clutch plate set

    Selling my old 04, just bought an 09. Should I sell the EBC Clutch pack that fits the 04- or will the set fit in the 09? I tried searching...
  14. OrlandoCRF450

    2009 crf 450 not starting

    I know that this thread is old, but i just bought a new 09 and had the same problem- without ever even being able to ride it. Dealer had it back the next day and for two weeks, Honda didn't help them much. They were changing out parts with a new bike still in the crate. The problem ended up being the STATOR. Straight from the manufacturer.
  15. OrlandoCRF450

    09 Crf 450- fork cap wrench the same as 04?

    Bump please! Will 50mm not work ok on kyb 49mm?