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  1. jgunsett

    Nutcracker 200 National Dual Sport/Adventure Ride

    I'll be there both days. I'll be on a plated CRF450X riding the DS on Saturday. ON Sunday I'm going to take it easy and ride the Adventure ride on my cushy little DRZ400S.
  2. Thanks for all of your input. I mounted up IRC GP1s front and rear. I'm still getting used to the way they look, after having Kenda Trackmasters (Knobbies) on for the last 7 years. They actually look alot like trials tires. I've had them out on the pavement for a few miles, and they make no noise at all. I can actually hear my stock pipe again! I'm taking the bike to the Nutcracker 200 national Adventure ride this weekend in Ohio. I'll be riding about 350 miles of dirt roads, gravel, pavement, and even a little trail and a water crossing or two. Should be interesting to see if I miss my knobbies.
  3. Sorry about starting the ten thousandth tire thread. I ride a Suzuki DRZ400S, and I've gone through 3 sets of Kenda Trackmasters. I'm riding more pavement and less dirt these days, and just can't deal with the howl from the Kendas on the road. So here's what I'm looking for, in order of priority: 1. Quiet on the Road 2. Reasonable durability 3. Still a decent dirt tire. I will still be riding trail, just not as much. Probably about 70/30, but when I'm riding dirt, it will be trail (maybe even a little singletrack). 4. Road handling. I really don't push the bike in the turns, or ride much on wet pavement, so the road manners aren't quite as important to me. Just gotta turn down the volume! Based on past threads, I'm considering: 1. Mefo Explorer. Very highly rated, but also expensive and hard to get. 2. IRC GP1. Looks like it could be exactly what I'm looking for, but not sure how loud it gets on pavement. 3. Kenda 270. Same as IRC GP1? 4. IRC GP110. Very cool looking. Might be perfect for me. But haven't heard how loud they get, and how well they'll do in the dirt. 5. TKC-80. Expensive, and look like a knobby, but mixed reviews on how they handle the dirt. Also haven't heard how bad they "sing" on the pavement. 6. Any others that might be recommended. I appreciate any input. Thanks in advance!
  4. jgunsett

    DRZ400 Dual Sport Seat

    Try the Corbin. It's made 200 mile days bearable.
  5. I've dual sported 3 bikes in Ohio. As stated earlier, it's a piece of cake. Just take your title to the title office at your county court house (not the DMV). They should have a form that you sign, stating that your bike has all equipment required to be street legal. NO INSPECTION IS REQUIRED. Many title offices will get confused and send you away to get an inspection, but they're wrong, it is NOT required. After you sign the form, they will charge you $6 for the new street legal title, and you will surrender your existing title/MSO to them. Take the new title to the DMV and get your plate. It's that easy.
  6. jgunsett

    GPS Recommendation

    I had an Etrex Legend for about 2 years and barely used it. Then I upgraded to the 60cx unit and I use it all them time. The cx is much cheaper than the csx and still does everything you need. I HIGHLY recommend the 60cx. And yes, it's waterproof and holds up well in the bumps also.
  7. jgunsett

    CRF450X dual sport

    I'm running the Trick Dual Sport kit. It's a little pricey, but worth the cost IMHO. Truely a Plug-n-play system. It comes with EVERYTHING you need. If you have decent mechanical skills, the install will take less than 1 hour. It took me about 3 hours, I'm all thumbs.
  8. Ok, one at a time here: 1. Do you use your gps with your PC to download tracks? No I really haven't gotten in to it that deep, and I'm not much of a teckie. Like I said before, the thing I like about the SD card is it's simplicity. I'd rather spend my time riding than trying to figure out a gadget. 2. Would I be able to download tracks from email or PM without the topo on my PC? Once again, I'm not much of a teckie, but I'm pretty sure that you could do this. The tracks just wouldn't overlay on a trail or road like they would with the topo loaded. 3. Can I transfer topo from SD card to PC with mapsource trip and waypoint manager? I don't think this would be any problem.
  9. I bought the SD card and prefer it for simplicity. You just put the card into the GPS and turn it on. All maps are automatically loaded into the GPS. I had the Topo CD Rom and it was kind of a PIA to load into the GPS.
  10. jgunsett

    Campgrounds at Wayne?

    Camp Ohio is nicer, mainly because it has more shade and flush toliets. It can be hard to find a space open though, because it's a lot smaller.
  11. I bought the 60cx a few months ago, and it's fantastic. Way better than the Etrex Legend that I had before it. I got mine on Amazon for $298 and free shipping. Don't pay retail! I also bought the City Navigator SD Card, which increased the usefulness of the 60cx dramatically. I think I paid $125 for the City Navigator card.
  12. If price is an issue, go with the Kenda 760's. They're great in everything except really slick mud. They also do well on the road, and last forever. The only thing I don't like about them is the way they whine on pavement. You get used to it after awhile though.
  13. There aren't that many great things about living in Ohio, but it's ridiculously easy to plate a bike. No inspection required. You just sign a form verifying that your bike is legal and pay $6 for a street legal title. It takes about 5 minutes if there's no line to wait in. It's hilarious to see what some of the guys show up with at dual sport events. I've seen many wearing their license plate on the back of their chest protector! Ohio requires a horn, and a lot of guys just buy one of those old bicycle horns and bolt it to their bars. You know the type of horn with the black ball at the end that you squeeze to honk it. I laugh every time I see one of those on a $7000 dirt bike.
  14. I've been running AC-10s, front and back, on my dual sported CRF450X. I've been very satisfied with them off road. I try to avoid using them on pavement, so that they'll last longer, but it's still nice that they're DOT tires so that I don't have to worry about getting a ticket.
  15. Woops, didn't realize they were scheduled for the same weekend. Go for the Nutcracker.