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  1. bobwombat

    What to do with Tired YZF's

    mjbd: I agree with Maurice & did the upgrades to my antique 2002 WR250F recently rather than fork out bigger $$$ for new. Despite being heavy w/the old steel frame, I love this bike (bought it back after selling it!) so it got a Cylinder Works 269 kit, Hot Cams, FMF PowerCore, new timing chain, head/valve clean-up, suspension fresh-up & the usual free mods plus some cosmetic stuff. Now, this bike is a little rocket! Imagine street legal DS that I take to the MX track! My philosophy is that all bikes deserve 1 refresh in their lives so this was mine. I don't have the latest & greatest or aluminum frame but I saved $6500 over new. Bob in AZ
  2. bobwombat

    Frame guard confusion 01' WR 250 F ?

    One more thought, Keen: You may know the '01 & '02 frames are the same & the '03 aluminum subframe was a popular mod for many years to lighten things up a tiny bit. So again, I think any '03 frame guards will fit fine on your 2001 frame. Bob in AZ... again!
  3. bobwombat

    Frame guard confusion 01' WR 250 F ?

    Keen: I've had Works Connection aluminum frame guards on my '02 WR250F since the beginning & recently installed an '03 aluminum sub-frame to replace the stocker. The WC frame guards fit on the '02 frame with '03 subframe just fine w/no mods required so I think you're good. Others may chime in but I hope this helps. Bob in AZ
  4. bobwombat

    To Flexx or Not to Flexx? WR250F

    Swede, I think the weight savings would be considerable; just the "dangle test" in each hand compared to regular bars is quite noticeable since the Flexx bars are SO heavy! I suppose the question is, did my suspension take the brunt of past hard landings or did the Flexx bars? Or, maybe both? (most likely) Btw, I removed 1/8" off each bar end & would advertise that if I were to sell; not sure if this would affect re-sale price. But, I'm not sure the $300 USD price is worth it if I had to buy these new..... Better to spend the $$$ on suspension, I think. Thx to all for the feedback; still undecided, though.... Bob in AZ
  5. I've got a nicely rebuilt 2002 WR250F set up as much as possible as my track rat so I'm trying to lighten this older, heavier bike up as much as possible. It's currently got some nice FLEXX BARS but they weigh a ton & I'm wondering what the Forum's opinion is about possibly replacing for some nice Pro Tapers, etc. I KNOW the Flexx's have saved my bacon a time or two on hard/cased landings but I really feel the heavy weight up high so am looking for an excuse for some new bars to lighten up the bike & feel. Any wisdom from the Forum? Thx in advance. Bob in AZ
  6. bobwombat

    Am I going to love my new BMW F650GS?

    Alberta: I had a BMW G450X & loved it but it didn't have much range (approx 60 miles) as a dual sport goes. I went the complete opposite directioni & got a 2011 F800GS but know it's not for serious dirt. But, like you, I have other dirt bikes for that. Also, for dirt work other than fire roads, it's quite heavy IMHO although many guys do fine & obviously much better than me in the nasty stuff. So, to answer your question whether you'll like your 650.... YES! You might have found the perfect solution & compromise between weight, light dirt duty, range, comfort, etc. Excellent choice!! Have fun & ride safely. Bob in AZ/USA
  7. bobwombat

    new life to an 01 YZ

    So, Rob, does that mean you got a new bike? Btw, don't get rid of the '74. If you look at my signature photo, you'll see a '71 Hodaka Super Rat; gotta keep the old iron still running at all costs!
  8. bobwombat

    new life to an 01 YZ

    Rob, I did just as you explained this past year & couldn't be more pleased. Long ago, I did all the free mods on my '02 WR250F but it recently got a Cylinder Works 269cc big bore kit & Hot Cams to go w/the YZF timing, etc. The bike runs STRONG & now it's the worn suspension that can't keep up! The auto decomp is awesome & should have been done long ago. My own philosophy is that most/all bikes "deserve" 1 refresh in its lifetime & the cost is always way less than new. A few years ago, I sold my '02 WRF to a friend but bought it back a year later because I really love it. So, 10 years old now & it's the longest I've owned a bike; mainly due to the recent refreshing. So, I'll encourage you to re-do your old bike; I don't regret it at all, especially when I see the $8k/$9k price of new bikes. Go for it! Bob in AZ
  9. bobwombat

    2002 yz250f plastics

    Mer, I see no replies so will chime in; maybe fewer & fewer older bike owners around these days.... With your '02, you can use up to the 2009 front & rear fenders. But, the shrouds are a different story; Yammie changed the frame & tank from '03 so you'll have to stick w/the '01/'02 shrouds. Don't despair, there are still more graphics options than you may think & many of the custom on-line shops still go back to '02; just have to be patient & look. If you need a recommendation or two, e-mail me at robertfredette@cox.net since I don't check my PM's very often. Hope this helps. Bob in AZ
  10. bobwombat

    yz269cc big bore gearing

    724: I've got just what you are asking about except mine's installed on a WR250F & not a YZ; I have the Cylinder Works 269 kit with 13/47 gearing & I love it for the track. I originally tried this gearing on my WR for Dual Sport purposes to get taller gearing. The side benefit was I like to ride track & the WR 1st gear was SO low it was worthless. I like what the 13/47 has done on my WR throughout the gearing range; I use 1st now for very tigh corners but the track is mostly a 2nd & 3rd gear choices for me. Some advice from my Technician, Oggy Performance in NoCal, was to try different gearing with cheaper sprockets until you zero-in on your final gearing. THEN get a nice Ironman or other high-end sprocket of your choice. I used the SunStar brand while searching for proper gearing and ended up keeping the SunStar 47 on the rear. Hope this helps & good luck. Hey, the CW 269 BB kit is nice, huh? Bob in AZ
  11. bobwombat

    Years to avoid WR250F ?

    LoneStar: You can't go wrong with any WR250! As others have said, newer is probably better; especially the aluminum frames from 2007 & later. I have a 2002 WR250F, sold it for about a year then bought my own bike back from the guy! I've had newer bikes in the garage but I've kept the WR this long simply because I love it! The point is that as far back as the 2001 & 2002 original WR250's, they remain fantastic bikes to this day! Reliability & longevity-wise, after 2,000 miles, I just put in a new piston kit; actually a big-bore kit & a bottom end tear-down for inspection which was A-ok after all this riding since 2002. Love the 250 compared to the heavier 450's & envy the aluminum frame WR's! Go for it!! Bob in AZ
  12. bobwombat

    How tall is a EE tall seat

    John: I'm 5'11" & consider myself on the short side of using the EE tall seat. My riding buddy asked me why I use it & I said I love it when I'm riding although it's a stretch to hit the ground even w/riding boots on. So, it's almost tip-toes for me. The EE tall seat is MUCH more comfy than the stocker but who sits anyway? It seem much easier to move forward & aft than on the stock concrete slab; the EE tall is almost flat across the top much like a MX seat (only much more padding). In summary: great, comfy/soft, flat seat but quite tall.... just like the name says. Bob
  13. bobwombat

    G450X as a trail bike?

    Rod: I agree with Ride although you will hear lots of pros & cons about the GX. Although I recently traded mine for a larger BMW Adventure bike (2011 F800GS) because I have other dirt bikes, I remain a huge fan of the GX as still evidenced by my visits here at this Forum. The GX is street legal, is a great dirt bike & I even took mine to the MX track, turn signals & all. So, it does alot! The engine, gearbox, power delivery/traction are wonderful & the overall workmanship is excellent. I must say the bike is quite tall so unless your 14/16 yr old is tall enough to handle the bike, it might be a handful. One slam on the bike is on the 2009 forks that need work. But, I don't ride with anyone who hasn't had their forks worked on, so I can't figure all the fuss. And, if you hear the bike is discontinued, just remember that the engine is now in the Husky bikes & BMW has a habit of providing parts support for many years; probably longer than you'll have the bike. So, no problem there, I believe. And, there are aftermarket parts galore if you have the $$$. In summary, on my last G450X trail ride, I almost changed my mind; I like this DS bike ALOT. Good luck w/your choice! Bob in AZ
  14. bobwombat

    General G450X discussion

    Have been an ardent G450X supporter from the beginning (approx 2 years) but recently traded the GX in for a 2011 BMW F800GS (sweeeet!). Started to have the ocsasional GX starter problem (@#$%) & wasn't going to deal with that hassle or be stranded. However, I will always be a fond supporter of the GX; was almost tempted to buy my own bike back from the dealer! Special thanks to Ninja, Mulgathumper & Bobby in Atlanta for all your help & comraderie here at the Exotics Forum; will be lurking about from time to time. Thx alot & ride safely, guys! Bob in Arizona/USA
  15. bobwombat

    WR stock exhaust that bad?

    Swede: sorry for the slow response back re: YZF pipe jetting...... you know the usual disclaimer; "jetting will vary, blah, blah, blah", but..... I went 1 size richer from stock on the pilot & 1 size richer on the main. Left the needle clip alone but richened the fuel screw approx 1/2 turn; my bike rips throughout the power band with this set-up but particulary in the mid-range. In the end, for emissions purposes and because I street-legal my WR, I went back to stock pilot but kept the 1 size richer main & this works for me since the YZF pipe let's the motor breathe much better. I'd be interested to hear if you go w/the YZF pipe arrangment like we're talking about; mail me at robertfredette@cox.net if you want to share your feedback. Again, I believe in this set-up & have used nothing but the (very affordable) YZF pipe on my WR's since 2000 & spent the $$$ saved on other goodies. The YZF pipe is one of the best performance "secrets" IMHO but many want the name-brand after-market slip-ons which I fully understand. That said, my YZF pipe with the Pro Moto Billet end cap/spark arrestor looks pretty good, too....... Hope this works for you, Swede! Cheers from Arizona. Bob