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  1. bg10459

    YZ250 woods AND MX machine - possible?

    18's have taller sidewalls so they offer better rim protection in addition to all the other benefits mentioned. A 120/100-18 is almost identical in height to a 120/90-19. And btw, it's totally doable to MX and woods the same bike (suspension x3). I kinda like kicking everyone's ass with a big tank and headlight. Just take the off the hand guards.
  2. bg10459

    YZ250 chain length

    you can remove a link if you run 13/48. otherwise it's 114
  3. bg10459

    How do I check if my bike is cooling properly

    It will be hot ^^ 200+. If you're not normally puking all your coolant or leaking out the weep, you're done troubleshooting.
  4. Nitrile, viton, fluorosilicone, kalrez http://mykin.com/rubber-chemical-resistance-chart
  5. I have flashes of A speed offroad. I can hang with and frequently conquer technical obstacles faster than a lot of A riders. I ride all the black diamonds at the offroad park. I'm still not an A rider. Add the stress of a race, conditioning, line choice, passing skills, mistakes, and I quickly become a mid B rider. Put me on a MX track and I'm a solid C. I think you should rate your skill level to where you can comfortably compete. Just because you can trail ride with A riders doesn't mean you're an A rider. The classification system was made for a reason. If you don't compete, it doesn't really matter what the letter is. If you really need to know, enter a race and see how you stack up. It's the only way to quantify it. I'm not a fan of judged events.
  6. bg10459

    ? Ride whoops in the Jersey Pine Barrens

    I try to double as many as possible
  7. Go slow. Set the collet as deep and tight as possible. Give it a few taps and then reset it. Repeat this process until you can get the bearing to move 2mm. The collet will then have enough space to grab the bearing and pull as per normal.
  8. bg10459

    What is my bike?

    I think... if you were to get a replacement '03 frame (5UP-21101-00-00), it would come without a VIN. I believe if you wanted to register it, you could legally transfer a good VIN to that frame, presumably the VIN from the frame that is being replaced. Maybe someone took a similar route with your bike???
  9. Show up with bike and wallet. Have fun, get hooked, repeat.
  10. bg10459

    Beginner enduro questions...

    I’m sorry. This is not dual sport. You never need to reset to zero. You need to be able to roll it fwd to the reset mileage and fwd or bwd to match mile markers. I correct to mile markers as often as possible or at least do the mental math. Sometimes that backfires. Resets are there to help crash victims and slower riders get back on their minute. The ideas is for everyone to finish and not hour out. So let’s say you come into mm 14 on minute 18. You’re 4 minutes late, but If there’s a reset to mile 20, you’re essentially 2 minutes early (no penalty). You roll fwd to 20 and wait 2 min or carefully get a head start on the next section. Possible checkpoint locations are another issue. Check out the ECEA website. They have really good enduro info and really good events, too.
  11. bg10459

    Beginner enduro questions...

    I’m not a fan of enduro computers because they take the “game” part of enduros out of the equation. So, for traditional timekeeping, you’ll also need a watch. You need a fully resettable odometer so you can correct to the mile markers. Resetting to zero should work everywhere else. Have you tried pulling the reset knob out? That’s how mine works.
  12. bg10459

    Aftermarket Levers for YZ250X?

    I like Sunline V1. They fold in two directions. Otherwise, I just buy a few stock levers. I don't really like the bend on the asv levers.
  13. bg10459

    What tires do I get

    Maxxis IT is really durable but traction isn’t the greatest at 12psi. They say it’s better at 6-8 psi. I wouldn’t know. The desert IT is supposed to be even tougher. Kenda Parker DT is also supposed to be a very tough tire. It’s on my to try list. I’ve been happy with Kendas so far.
  14. bg10459

    Yamaha Rear Shock

    Lots of good info here. Another thing to consider was the change from 16mm shaft to 18mm. I think that happened in 06.