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  1. atkxr600

    Trailer rebuild

    What type of "Tin" is that? Did it come pre finished, or did you paint it?
  2. atkxr600

    EVART on 11-12-11

    No he stayed in the saddle, pretty good, both days! He always needs a cigerette break, though!
  3. atkxr600

    EVART on 11-12-11

    That was us!
  4. atkxr600

    EVART on 11-12-11

    Sounds like very similiar conditions, fun stuff! But it was warmer, up near 60? I was overdressed, as usual!
  5. atkxr600

    EVART on 11-12-11

    No, I was on the other side of him, next rig down. Black crew cab truck, (3)bikes in a utility trailer. I ride a CRF4fiddy now. There were (3) in my group, myself, AF500RIDER, and my oldest son, on his 02 CRF450. We were a few minutes behind the main group. I sopke with Denny, (TC rider?) at one of the rest stops. I sold my ATKXR600, (3) years ago. Notice the "XR" in there? In 1986 I bought a new XR600R, to play ride. Then I started ride some D14 Hare Scrambles, back then ATK offered a kit to use their chassis, and a Honda drive train. I went that route. "E" start was not really around yet, and I hated the left hand kick of the rotax motor. Here's my old ATKXR; The one you saw at Evart was a much later model, it was a 605, with "E" start. Nice bike, it brought back memories!
  6. atkxr600

    EVART on 11-12-11

    Here is a cut and paste from my son's FB page; "Never again will I ride Evart Motorcycle trail... I left my pride and dignity there and the trail will never give it back!" Funny thing, I liked it! Thanks for setting it up TOM! And for the help shutting down the cabin.
  7. atkxr600

    EVART on 11-12-11

    I'm suggesting we move the start time back to 11:00? At this point getting there by 10:00 might be pushing it. Any other takers? So far it's me, my oldest son, 500AF RIDER. YaThump you out there?? I see the Exotic Bike ride may be out of Evart? Not sure if they are planning on Saturday or Sunday?
  8. atkxr600

    EVART on 11-12-11

    I was shooting for a 10am start. We plan to drive up from Flint, on the morning of the ride.
  9. atkxr600

    Want to ride?

    We plan to do Evart, on the 12th. You are welcome to join in.
  10. atkxr600

    Little Manistee on Sat. the 15th

    Can't make it this weekend, but have fun be safe!
  11. atkxr600

    Michigan Lincoln Hills ride 10/9/11

    Thanks to yathump (Gary) and 500AF RIDER (Tommy) for the ride on this past Sunday. Other than a little dust, the conditions were awesome. Great fall ride. We got plenty of breaks, (1) after each of Tommie's get offs, thanks Tom!! Oh any any excuses I had for my piss poor riding abilities were wiped out, when I saw the amputee riding the KTM, with one leg. He had rigged a electric soleniod from a drag bike up, to his shifter. WOW:thumbsup: That dude is double tough! No action pics, but here is one of Tom, trying to figure out, if the radiator is broken, or if it just over heated enough to puke some coolant. The other is just a rest stop. Thanks again guys!
  12. atkxr600

    Oct. 1st 7 mile staging area

    You guy have fun, be safe I'm working that day, so I am out. I plan to be up on the 8th / 9th.
  13. atkxr600

    Early planning for B-day ride

    That's cool, just throwing out the option. I'll try to make the ride, where ever we stage.
  14. atkxr600

    Early planning for B-day ride

    I thought I was the only slacker:bonk: Any of those dates could work for me, I'll try to keep checking this thread, to see what you narrow it down to. We can stage at my folk's place, if you want. It should be up for sale by then, but I don't believe it is going anywhere, anytime soon. A couple of you staged there last fall, lots of parking, showers toliet etc. Even a fire pit, in case anyone wants to bench race, after the ride.
  15. atkxr600

    MI Husqvarna or Yamaha 2 stroke riders

    But to your original question, I can not recommend a dealer. I use service honda for parts, and a local guy for my cylinder head work. Sorry.