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  1. Along4theRide

    Well boys my DRZ is gone

    Wolfie sold his too. to some guy in PA. Against my wishes he got a KTM, I hope he doesnt get hurt on it like everyone else we know.
  2. Along4theRide

    How do I teach my wife to ride tight singletrack?

    I took the MSF Dirt school course and it really helped alot. I was really scared and nervous when I first went for the day long course. I had literally NO experience whatsoever, and all I knew about a bike was what my b/f had showed me and what I learned watching his sons take a trail safety course that is required for children here in MI. By the end of the day the had us out on a Hare Scambles course and riding on an MX track. I really learned alot and it was a huge boost in my confidence. Just go to the MSF website and go to dirt school. you will be able to find where they are holding classes in your area.
  3. Along4theRide

    Bike for my Short Wife

    I have an XR100 that I bought as my first bike. I'm just over 5' in my boots and at first I liked it because it was small enough I didnt feel like I was going to get hurt on it. But now I'm ready for something bigger since the bike is really too short for me. I'm looking at a CRF 150. My B/F has suggested the KX 100 as a possible upgrade, but because I'm still a bigginer with very little experience, He agrees the 150 will be a better fit. I think the best thing for her to do is figure out how she wants to ride. If she's just looking to put around the woods then one of the smaller play bikes would be good. But if she thinks she wants to push harder , then a more performance oriented bike would be better. But I really think SHE should bee the one asking what the best bike for her is, since she's the one that knows what she wants.
  4. Along4theRide

    I love the look of this bike

    What about the one at the top of the page?
  5. Along4theRide

    I love the look of this bike

    hey.... Where did my post go?
  6. Along4theRide

    I bought another DRZ!

    Baja... Scott's pretty pissed you didnt get his if you wanted one. You knew he was selling.
  7. Along4theRide

    I love the look of this bike

    Yeah... Well he's been on extended "vacation" from here and he just broke his knee about a month and a half ago. We tallked about it and he decided that he could get another bike later when he's healed.
  8. Along4theRide

    once you go black, you never go back.

    HE cant hear you.
  9. Along4theRide

    video camera

    you can't find it because he got banned.
  10. Along4theRide

    this sunday whos riding where

  11. The day started Dry... real dry. but the clouds were moving in and we knew things were gonna change. so the first few miles it was a total dust bowl. My suspension was still WAAAAAy soft from drummond and I couldnt get planted. so at every stop, I had my screw driver out to change the clickers. to make it worse I was having to stay back from the lead riders so I could make out the trail. I was riding blind. About a quarter of the way into the loop.. the rains started to come, and the kept coming harder and harder... soon the trail went from "dust bowl" to "soup bowl". seriously, at least half the trail we could have traversed in a canoe. The water was flowing down the trail in torrents. In some places Godzuki commented he was watching for salmon. I didnt run the helmet cam and now I regret it. it would have made for some interesting footage. and my Digi camera is still drying out. it was NOT a good day for pics. but I worked with what I had. Yzman~ he bailed out early after his visability sufferd. not like him to bail on a ride....Sissy! Godzuki~ our fearless ( or is it brainless? ) leader. Often known for blowing corners.... He misjudged this runn off and paid for it by turning his bike into a Honda Catapult. Nice Endo buddy! Djv5~ I had a hard time getting ANY pics of him the werent just a glare from his headlight. And the trooper award goes too..... Stacey (Slo)~ she was on a CRF 150 and this is her first year riding. not only did she tough out the whole ride, she had a blast doing it. YOU GO GIRL! In hind sight.... I'm SOOOOOO glad godzuki didnt drive home. Great ride everyone. these epics are what it's all about.:bonk: Wish I was up to your speed!!! Give me time
  12. Along4theRide

    O.T. Need help, daughters acne...

    This is an issue I'm actually familiar with thanks to my ex-husband. The dermatologist put him on some sort of pill and warned him that it would take quite a while to clear up since the shedding of skin and renewal is a process. yada yada --so many years later still no good results with the pill. What works? Getting some sun or going to a tanning bed. Kinda crazy but it dries out the skin. Then of course there is the con of skin cancer associated with getting too much sun. Make sure not to burn. His was on his back and neck. Since some were extremely painful he opted to go tanning and it has worked great for him.
  13. Along4theRide

    off-road on the Ducati!

    Girl ...you sooo crazy. Looks fun!!
  14. Along4theRide

    Msf Dirtbike School

    Well they taught the basics...feeling the pull from the clutch(the friction zone), correct position for riding seated and standing, using counterbalance to help steer the bike, position and how to cross fallen logs (actually only landscape timbers), environment safety and keeping the trails ride-able. As far as getting the front end up, shift your weight back on the seat and give it some gas right before the log and make sure you are at 90 degrees to said obstacle. Of course it depends on how big of an obstacle you are trying to cross. For the larger ones I defer to YZman or some other experienced riders, pretty sure you need to add pulling back on your bars but I am no way ready for that stuff yet. Mark W from dirtrider.net gave Scott some info on a field to go practice skills on. I would be up for that. Set up some cones and I could bring a landscape timber or two to practice with. Don't know when though since the kids are out of school and I have 4 to entertain.
  15. Along4theRide

    more boots

    I'm wondering if the circumference around the calf would be sufficient for me. It makes me wonder if they just haven't re-labeled the kids boots.