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  1. Strattos

    FX Has New Competition

    Re the new Honda's gearing, isn't it just the final drive - ie not a a wide ratio gearbox - just different sprocket combo? Could have read it wrong though. Still love my Yamies.
  2. Strattos

    2012 WR450 IMS fuel tank

    Genrlee01, what sort of mileage (kilometreage) are you getting out of a full tank, and what were you getting with the standard tank? One of my riding mates is considering upsizing but is unsure of how much of a gain there would be in terms of range. I've got an 08 with an IMS 3.1 and noticed a good gain in range, but was just curious with the fuel injected bikes.
  3. Strattos

    Water Pump question :)

    Grayracer, thanks for the instructions above. I'm about to have a crack myself. Just one thing, I've never taken a crankcase cover off before, will I need new gaskets or is the one that is there re-usable?
  4. Strattos

    2014 WR 450f

    Still beats me how KTM seem to be able to make their bikes road legal without the restrictions Yamaha seems to have. Or do they come corked up as much as our bikes? Just never seem to hear the same complaints from the orange camp. Speaking from Australia here, but the WRs seem to get similar treatment here in terms of the throttle stop etc. I was lucky the dealer in my city only sells them uncorked.
  5. Strattos

    Throttle freeplay adjust alloy frame

    Thanks Krannie, I'll give it a crack tonight. Had a brief look from the exhaust side this morning before work and immediately thought there has to be another way than from the side. Cheers,
  6. I need to adjust out a bit of throttle freeplay on my 08 WR450 and remember how to do it after performing this on my 02 426. However, as we're all aware the carby on the alloy frames is a bitch to get at. First of all, I'm guessing nothing's changed in terms of how you adjust freeplay on the alloy frame models? ( I was hoping there had been a change!) Have you guys got any tips to make this job a bit easier? Wish you could adjust it at the 'bars..
  7. Strattos

    Hattah Desert Race 2013

    They're lined up based on the times they did on the prologue the day before. The main event is based on track position only, not adjusted time. The few seconds gained from rider to rider in each line as the quad passes them is miniscule when you take into account the event is more than four hours long. There did seem to be a fair delay between lines though I noticed. All the more reason to do well in the prologue I guess. Awesome race to watch and ride in.
  8. For you guys over in the States, the Hattah Desert Race was held last weekend in Australia. It's now one of the biggest events on the Australian off-road calendar. Former world motocross champ Ben Townley event had a crack this year. These vids give you a good idea what the whole weekend's about. Ignore the bloody music - not sure why people feel they have to stick music to stuff, especially this doof doof business.
  9. Strattos

    Side to side throttle play

    How much side to side throttle play is normal and how do you adjust it out? I've tried loosening the two phillips head screws that hold the throttle assembly to the bars, holding the throttle up against the bars and tightening the screws but it doesn't appear to have done much.
  10. Strattos

    WR450F Max hours on engine?

    LIke others have said all depends on how it's been looked after and how its been ridden. If you can get an honest answer from the person you're buying off in terms of how its been treated and maintained, then you're pretty safe with some of the fugures being quoted above. I've got more than 160hrs and 8500kms on my '08 and still doesn't use a skerrick of oil or blow smoke. Starts perfectly. Having said that, I'm only a clubman enduro racer. If you look at how hard some of the Pro class guys ride, you'd have to expect it would take a much higher toll on the bike. Many variables to consider.
  11. Strattos

    9200 miles on my WR

    Seems I've got plenty left on mine then. Just ticked over 9000ks on my 08 model. Only problems I've had are water pump seal and countershaft seal. Valves still in spec and doesn't use a drop of oil.
  12. Strattos

    9200 miles on my WR

    What about cam chain and tensioner? Ive heard some guys swear by changing these as well for peace of mind if you're pulling the motor down anyway. EDIT: just noticed post above mine already mentioned can chain.
  13. Strattos

    Best oil wrf426

    ++1. Ask a question about the best oil and you'll get dozens of different stories. The above advice, re any four-stroke motorcycle oil, is about right. Any decent oil these days is produced to a certain standard. Doesn't hurt to get the viscosity that best suits your climate though, just for extra insurance. I normally change mine about every 5 - 10 hours, to much head-shaking from my old man, who's a mechanic, but it makes me sleep easy knowing I'm going overboard. Similar to the story above, I tore down the motor from my previous bike, an 02 WR426, and there was no indication of any wear related to poor lubrication. HOWEVER, I'd definitely follow Krannie's advice re the timing chain and tensioner - as that's the reason I had to tear my motor down. It dropped three inlet valves (not sure which one went first) which was traced back to the tensioner.
  14. Strattos

    MSR nxt gear any good?

    Thanks guys, might bite the bullet. Cheers.