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    motor oil

    Use Valvoline 10w40. I've used nothing but Valvoline in every bike, and car/truck I've had with no major problems ever. I would stay away from synthetics in a bike though.

    Riding in Colorado

    Thanks guys, I realize snow miight be an issue, so we'll just have to deal with it if it is. Thanks, TB

    Riding in Colorado

    Thanks, will do

    Wr V Dr400 ?

    From the "voice of experience" My buddy and I both bought new '00s, he bought the WR and I bought the DRZ S model . Yes you are compareing two different animals, the WR is for more open terrain and the DRZ is for tighter areas. As for power, I removed all the street stuff of my DRZ,put a Big gun exhaust and re-jetted, then compared it against his WR. Mine had as much if not more low end, but the WR had more on the top. Remember I have the "S" model not the E which is even faster. Both he and I are in our forties and he hates having to kick the WR, so he's now waiting for the '01 DRZ E's to come in so he can trade in his WR. Bottom line: How old are you ( do you want a little "cush") like E-start, and what kind of riding do you plan to do. Both bike bikes are great at what they're made for. TB

    Riding in Colorado

    I'm planning to do some riding in the Pike forest area at Thanksgiving and was wandering if there are any Colorado riders who ride there, and what are some of your favorite areas/trails. Also I've heard your supposed to have a off-road sticker to ride there. Is this neccessary? I.E. have you ever been stopped by a Ranger looking for this? TB

    Riding in Colorado

    I,m planning to do some riding in the Pike forest area at Thanksgiving and wanted to know if any of you Colorado riders ride around there, and what area(s)/trails do you like best, or would recommend. Also I understand your supposed to have an off road decal to ride there, is this neccessary, I.E. have you had any Rangers check for this? TB [This message has been edited by DRDUDE (edited 10-23-2000).]

    DRZ400S with Big Gun complete system

    I have the big gun on my S, and it really adds to the bottom end,however it falls off on the top.I'm probably going to sell it to a friend and get the Yosh slip on. I think since the S has the CV carb the Big gun doesen't add as much all the way through as it would on the E. THanks[/b]


    Yes, just disconnect it and jumper the connector.


    I,m not in Austin, I'm in the DFW area. Where do you ride down there?
  10. DRDUDE

    Replacement levers

    I'm looking to replace my clutch/brake levers and wanted to know if the levers from the RM will fit the DRZ or what other bike, if any, since there are not a lot of listings yet for the DRZ. I was looking at the MSR grip levers in particular, anyone tried these yet?
  11. I don't remember if that pipe is the one with discs or just a straight thru pipe. A general rule is that the pipes with discs tend to be slightly quieter than the straight thru type (depending on the number of discs you use)
  12. DRDUDE

    2001 DRZ400E info?

    I have a friend right now who is trying to trade in a'00 WR on a DRZ, Why? cause he's tired of kicking his leg off. Get ya a DRZ E model and start having a kick *@% time with out the kicking.
  13. DRDUDE

    End of year deals

    I would be surprised if you found a dealer just "trying to clear them out", since the DRZ's are a very hot bike now, and most dealers can't keep them in stock more than 2 or 3 weeks. I have a friend who is waiting for one to come in at the same dealer I got mine about 20 miles outside of Dallas. (Paid $5049.00 OTD for my S model)and he was quoted $5200.00 OTD for an E model. Good luck, Tim.
  14. DRDUDE

    Anyone want to trade?

    Does anyone out there know of anyone who wants to trade an "E" model for a '00 WR-400? I have a friend who is tired of kicking his WR.
  15. DRDUDE

    Texarkana Riders

    I'm a "S" rider ,although at the moment it's stripped down for dirt only, but I live in the DFW area. If you plan on heading out this way and your looking for a place to ride, feel free to get in touch. Also have you heard about the new place that just opened up in Gilmer?