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  1. You realize that she was commenting on how loud her fart was, right? It had nothing to do with lightening.
  2. boomman

    Second chances. (Graphic warning)

    I see that you are well stocked on toilet paper. Aren't you creeped out that when you/someone pees that it splatters all over those rolls and then you will wipe your ass with pee soaked TP that you have just handled with your hands?
  3. boomman

    Stuck rear axle 2004 CR125

    Hammer it back in, more penetrating oil, hammer it back out, penetrating oil, hammer in, penetrating oil, hammer back out, ect, ect, ect. If you can get it to move a little then you can get it to go the whole way with patience. You know, it's like dating. Next thing you know you've knocked her up! Congratulations!
  4. boomman

    450 thumper vs 300 smoker

    BTW, I've done 40 mile plus on trials bikes. Lots of fun and they make anything you've found hard on a enduro bike easier. You do have to carry extra gas with you for the long hauls. Oh, and a trials bike is nothing but torque.
  5. boomman

    450 thumper vs 300 smoker

    Why don't you show us ONE video where a pro says paddling is the way to go?
  6. boomman

    450 thumper vs 300 smoker

    I've ridden since I was a kid. I know bad form when I see it. I work with the best actors in the world, that doesn't make me a good actor. I want to make sure that I understand you. Are you really saying that sitting on the seat and paddling your legs up a hill is the best way to go up that hill, and that's what all good riders do??
  7. boomman

    450 thumper vs 300 smoker

    Forgive me for not believing you. Your previous posts cause me to question. Having re-read my last statement, I want to be clear. I don't believe you.
  8. boomman

    450 thumper vs 300 smoker

    The point is, you are judging what a trials bike can and cannot do without having ridden one.
  9. boomman

    450 thumper vs 300 smoker

    I don't need to ride with you to see that you have terrible form. There is not one pro that will tell you that paddling is the best way to go and will get you farther. Sure, everyone gets out of shape occasionally and has to paddle. Only the blowhards defend it as proper technique.
  10. boomman

    450 thumper vs 300 smoker

    I can tell you have NEVER ridden a trials bike.
  11. boomman

    450 thumper vs 300 smoker

    Terrible technique, out of shape the whole time.
  12. My armour has a terrible elbow cup set up. It always wants to rotate off my elbows. To overcome this I wear extra elbow protection under the armours elbow cups. Feels a lttle weird at first but soon I forget about it. I do feel very secure in the elbow dept though.
  13. 1) my ego 2) head on with a quad
  14. We live in a wonderful day of pharmaceuticals...... .....just ask your mom
  15. Your mom between my knob....