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    Riding, camping, being with my family
  1. allengs1981

    Riding near whidbey?!?!?!

    Perferably trails. I'm comig from San Diego and loved the desert, so i'm looking for the pacific northwest equivilant.
  2. allengs1981

    Riding near whidbey?!?!?!

    I am moving to Whidbey Island from San Diego and am trying to meet people who ride in the area. If you have any info on the area, please let me know.
  3. allengs1981

    Vancouver Wa Riders

    I'm moving to Whidbey Island and looking to meet people to ride with. Drop me a line if you have any info.
  4. allengs1981

    Need Help!!

    I've gone from a 250 to a 450 and whenever I get any air, I feel like I'm totally off balance. Its pathetic, I can't seem to find my center. Any ideas? Anyone else had that problem? Any help would be nice. I hate it when ten year olds make me look like a punk. Thanks.
  5. allengs1981

    MY BABIES!!!! lol

    Gotta go with a chevy, and yeah, the quads nice, but if my parents would buy me something it would be nice too.
  6. allengs1981

    2006 YZ450f

    I'm really psyched about the new bike. Almost wish I would have waited another year.