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  1. solorsix

    Moving on..

    what ever you end up getting, you prob won't regret moving on. I would recommend a VFR for what your riding style sounds like.
  2. No 6 feet is not wide enough...if you have ten acres and equip I would make it 20 feet wide.
  3. solorsix

    how to remove oil stains

    jackhammer and bag of concrete. This will definately get rid of the stain.
  4. If you don't have far to go just drain the gas out of the bowl by screw or leaning it over...throw her in laying down and roll. Throw a old blanket under her.
  5. solorsix

    DRZ 400-SM questions

    I have fun on my sm in the dirt... go for the sm
  6. solorsix

    ? on DRZ400SM tire choices

    check the avons out, or pirelli's. You can see them all in the catalogs at the TT store.
  7. I got some protapers and now i'm looking for a new place for the key switch... I guess the sm's don't have the bolt holes on the right side like the S's do... different triple clamp. Anyone found nice place?
  8. I reconize one of those hills at halters, man I went up that thing on a stock XR100 with the choke accidentally left on...
  9. solorsix

    DRZsm vs DRZsm diff setup

    yeah thats what I say also.
  10. solorsix

    DRZsm vs DRZsm diff setup

    I'm waiting for him to chime in any time... so he can see for himself what I have been telling him for two months... he is scared to cut his airbox. and his bike melted the right rear turn signal off too.
  11. solorsix

    Unibiker Radiator Guards

    If sitting on the bike my right side lower brace was a tight fit but all in all they went on pretty easy.
  12. solorsix

    Trail Tech Computers Feedback

    sounds like noise to me... we have used them on some test stuff and they worked pretty decent. I don't have any pictures off hand, but we never have used the bicycle pickup/ magnet combo... Is there a diff, If there is maybe you need that one.
  13. solorsix

    DRZsm vs DRZsm diff setup

    Well I thought it was funny so I'll post it. mine is 05sm, 3x3, DJ kit 150m and needle dialed, 100% STOCK EXHAUST! in black my work buddy had to copy me and buy a 06sm but in yellow blue... he instantly bought a yosh RS3 full system, put a 145m jet in, and raised his stock needle with shims. did not open the intake at all. (yes... its funny) we raced from dead stop and rolling starts and mine smoked his every time... plenty of witnesses. it was pretty even at first but 4th gear on I was walking him... I even held back one time and could gain on him in 5th pretty good... its funny because his is so loud and gets worked by stock exhaust bike. lesson = black is faster, and best exhaust w/ no opening of intake is ridiculous. sorry bud, I know you will read this... haha again