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  1. mxrider99


    between me and my buddies we have tried out quite a few of the listed paddles what i have found is that the kings turbo 8 cup is defiantly the best hooks up good and turns great:ride:
  2. mxrider99

    ***Best*** looking CRF450r **Contest**

    yeah its the 739 and i really don't like it much im hooked on the 756's
  3. mxrider99

    I'll "HDR" your photo

    if your really bored you could do this one lol
  4. mxrider99

    I jumped over their heads!

    buddy of mine jumping patton
  5. mxrider99

    Duning a 250

    the 250 does just fine out there it may not have the sheer power of the 450 but i keep up with 450's keeping your momentum up is where you will have to concentrate
  6. mxrider99

    fox v3 helmets?????????

    i got my shoei for 215 wasn't the "coolest" paint job ever but what a superb quality helmet
  7. mxrider99

    Good Deal?

    Basically a cam, piston, gaskets, and springs. $730 http://www.crowerpower.com/estore/product_info.php?cPath=8_26&products_id=209 piston seems a little over priced. Lemme know what you think
  8. mxrider99

    Dunes/Paddle Tire

    Can it handle it? Kinda Will it do extremely better with a six cup? Yes Ive ridden 250's in the dunes with six's and eight's and the six's do WAY better.
  9. mxrider99

    How much is this 01 CR250 worth?

    Man that bike is perfect looking. Are those the original plastics? Wish i had the money for it..
  10. mxrider99

    Low Compression

    I would say 40-50 hours on the piston half are hard half are putting around (brother) Tomarrow I will re-check the Valve clearances... If they are good I will probably be ordering a hi - comp piston
  11. mxrider99

    Low Compression

    Ok so heres the time line of the last week The bike is completely stock 2006 Crf250r Thursday - Check Valves -all are in spec Change oil and oil filter clean air filter lots of other minor maintenance stuff Friday- Go ride 3 full motos - bike runs great Saturday - Wash bike Start it to pull it back in garage -notice it seems a little easy to kick, smokes a little, and runs funny Today - Waiting in the garage for a friend and decide to see if I was right when I noticed it was easy to kick I could push down the kickstarter by arm, not easily but i could do it As a comparison I tried to push down the kick starter on the Crf250x and could barely budge it. So my question is.... What do you think could be the problem? I dont believe its valves seeing that they were just fine 4 days ago Rings? Piston? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. mxrider99

    Best sponsor you ever had?

    Rocky Mountain Mc They pay for shipping if i spend more than $100:p
  13. mxrider99

    Rubbing the inside of my knees

    same here man it seems like it only happens at really rough tracks for me but its a pita sorry no help here but Id like to know also
  14. mxrider99

    Jumping a 250X

    Yes I ride at PMP, Eloy, and I just tried out Motoland for the first time last weekend.