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  1. WalterMitty

    Pics of my 05 CRF450

    All of this may not have been the response that you were hoping for Anywho, congrats on the bike. Also, I don't know if I am more jealous of the bike, or your truck.
  2. WalterMitty

    Definative cause and solution on Valve probs?

    What year is your CR250? I have a 2001 CR250 and it is anything but a dog. Other than a FMF pipe and silencer, it is pretty much stock. I ride with my wife's cousin, who I would say is a fast B rider and he feels just as fast on his 426, as he does on my 250. He flat out blows my doors off no matter what he is on, so as always, it is pretty much 90% rider.
  3. WalterMitty

    OT: Jesse James tools??

    Some company comes to you, asks you if it's okay to use your name. They want to slap it on some tools, and market them, maybe even in Walmart. They either give you a lump sum, or an initial payment and then a percentage of the sales. What do you say? Naw, to lame. I'm a cool hard core kinda guy, me no want my name on yor' tools, orrrrrrrrrrrrr Negotiate for a bit more, and sign on the dotted line. I'm kinda leaning towards the second choice, since I don't have the exact vehicle that I want, and I don't own the 5 or more MX bikes that I would like to own. I wouldn't mind some more cheese in the bank account, but I am silly that way.
  4. WalterMitty

    Racing Fuel for my '04 450

    post away! Okay, here it goes..... You start it. KNOCK KNOCK Who's there??? :D Gotcha!!! That's an oldie, but well yeah it is pretty stupid, but I still love getting people on that. Kinda reminds me of my grandpa that had a dog with no nose.
  5. WalterMitty

    Racing Fuel for my '04 450

    post away! Okay, here it goes..... You start it.
  6. WalterMitty

    Header Pipe GLOWS RED HOT

    When it is glowing red hot like that, DO NOT pour gas on it. Resist the urge, you can do it. ......oh wait, this is ThumperTalk, not my Arsons Anonymous site
  7. WalterMitty

    Racing Fuel for my '04 450

    No knocking going on here. However, I do know the funniest knock-knock joke ever though... You want to hear it?
  8. WalterMitty

    Racing Fuel for my '04 450

    1) Doesn't anyone just do what the owner's manual says anymore? 2) How many of us are using 100% of the potential in a stock bike, therefor necessitating mods that give more performance? 3) The money you save keeping your bike bone stock could be used buying another bike!!!!
  9. WalterMitty

    Saved by a five year old.

    My son started on an XR50 just last year. However, I don't agree with training wheels on an mx bike. My rule is, you have to ride your bicycle really well, without training wheels before you can get an mx bike. My son could ride his bike great sans training wheels when he was 4, but we waited until his 5th b-day to pop for the XR50. He had no problem adapting to the XR50 (1/4 throttle only, put it in 2nd gear, and forget about it) My daughter is 4, and really wants to take a spin on my sons XR50, but no dice. She is still riding her bike with training wheels. She just turned 4 in January, and we are in the midwest, so it is just starting to get warm here. I am sure that she will be done with the training wheels soon. Good luck with your decision.
  10. WalterMitty

    Will I really miss the power of the 450?

    Thanks for the write up.
  11. Currently, all I have in the garage is a bike pump and it is a total pain trying to put air in my sons XR50's rear tire. The locking lever (guess that's what you would call it) doesn't really clear the rear hub. I can make it work, but there has to be an easier way. What are you guys using to put air into the rear tire on your XR50's?? Thanks.
  12. WalterMitty

    Out of Ideers...

    Also, be thankful that your parents were cool enough to let you get your current scoot. Many (like me) had parents that not only couldn't afford a bike, nor would they have let me have one if they were giving them away for free. In addition to the job idea, here's mine.... Ask your Mom if she will grant the purchase of another bike if you get straight A's, or maybe a B+ average in school. Make it a win-win situation, offer her something too.
  13. WalterMitty

    Will I really miss the power of the 450?

    Post a full ride report/comparision!!! Even those of use not contempating any switch, but rather an "either or" decision would love to hear what you have to say....
  14. WalterMitty

    Any pics of black rims and red hubs anywhere???

    Do you have to take the entire wheel apart, and just send in the hub and rim? Or can you send them the entire wheel?
  15. WalterMitty

    Any pics of black rims and red hubs anywhere???

    No pics, but a suggestion... I think that what the factory Honda guys are running is money. They have the crome/stock looking rims with just the hubs anodized red. For some reason, I have never cared for black rims on a Honda. Now, IMHO the PC Kawy bikes are the best looking bikes out there, and they have black rims.