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  1. carycjc

    DRC Edge Tailight = $110 Ticket

    I got a ticket for the exact same thing. I tried to fight it and had the exact law printed out which did not say anything about the angle of the plate. I got to court and the judge said hello to the officer, he knew him by first name then asked him if he had trouble seeing my plate. Cop said yes case closed. I have run it the exact same way afterwards and never had any problem.
  2. carycjc


    I am not sure but I don't think the X games has any kind of production rule like the AMA, so it is very possible that he was ridding an 09.
  3. carycjc

    Urgent Help Needed

    I would suggest putting the post into the bike specific forum or the general forum. You will get a better response. If your clutch is slipping you can first make sure the slack on the clutch cable is adjusted right, it needs to fully disengage. If that is OK you probably need new clutch plates and or springs. The clutch is more than likely slipping because it is worn out. I have heard that in a pinch you can take the steel plates out and rough them up with sand paper clean them and that will give you a little more clutch life.
  4. carycjc

    change o-ring without splitting cases?

    I had the same problem. I bought the new seals but while I was waiting for them in the mail I ended up just taking the old coller and seal out and cleaning them up. Reinstalled them and the leak was gone. Note of caution. drain the tranny oil or lean the bike over on the clutch side before you start or you will get oil everywhere.
  5. carycjc

    mixing oils

    thanks bronco
  6. carycjc

    mixing oils

    All right here is the deal. I accidently bought one quart of silkolene offroad comp 4 sx oil and one quart of pro 4 sx oil. Both 10w40They were one in front of the other at the shop and I only looked at the one in the front. I drained the oil and put a quart of the pro 4 sx in the bike then I opened the second bottle and noticed they were different. Normaly I would not mix oils but I live in the sticks and it is a drive to the shop and I would like to ride. So while I am sure it is not ideal will mixing the oils cause damage.
  7. carycjc

    Seattle Supercross Pit Passes

    They are available ate QFC and 7-11 in the seattle area. I just got mine last night plenty left at that location
  8. carycjc

    Seattle Supercross Pit Passes

    I bought my tickets with the AMA discount code from ticketmaster. The discount is like 5 dollars a ticket and free pit passes. I assume that this means a pass is required to get in. But if you look around they give them away free at lots of shops and other places, or at least they did last year.
  9. carycjc

    what is top speed stock drz400e or drz400s

    95 MPH on my SM, RS3 and DJ jetting
  10. carycjc

    In WA is motorcycle insurance required?

    One thing to consider is that if you are a washington resident you are fine to ride in washington with no insurance. But if you cross the river and ride in Oregon you do need to have liabilaty on your bike. Or just be really careful to not get pulled over or get in an accident.
  11. carycjc

    Seat cover installation

    I put my seat cover in the dryer to get it warm before instalation. It is easier to work with that way.
  12. carycjc

    To bail or not?

    When you watch pros and their bike gets out of shape or they are coming up short they almost always try to ride it out. If you bail it is almost certain that you are going to get hurt if you stay on there is a chance you can come out unscathed. On one of the gary semics videos, I can't remember witch one, he says whatever happens out there never let go of the bars. So those are the words I try to live by.
  13. carycjc

    New Race Event

    I would like to see a WORCS style event that utilizes part motocross part trails and part man made obsticles. I know the hangover scramble uses part of a motocross track but with the weather conditions that you have on Jan 1st in washington it makes it all but imposible to clear the motocross obsticles as intended. So a simalar event to the hangover but at a time of the year with better conditions with some man made obsticles.
  14. I did not see the race. How muddy was the track?
  15. carycjc

    Goat, No Goat?

    One thing that should be considered when comparing numbers is that RC retired in his prime. MC rode until well after his. If Ricky raced supercross until he could not make a main any more I bet his numbers would be up with Mcgrath's.