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  1. tTr_125_racr

    03' - 04'

    yeah its a 125 and thank you for the help
  2. tTr_125_racr

    03' - 04'

    I have an 04' ttr and I am getting some pre printed back ground nuber plates for it but it says 03'ttr. Will they still work for my 04'?
  3. tTr_125_racr

    is this a repost?

    wow suck if this was real or is it?
  4. tTr_125_racr

    '04 250 Vs.'87 250

    pigs? there both nice bikes for what they are..
  5. tTr_125_racr

    90' rm250 vs 660r

    yea its pretty true .. ive ran a yfz 450 up my uncles in Penn. he walked away from me pretty bad but i think if it was a longer drag i woulda caught up a lil bit
  6. tTr_125_racr

    90' rm250 vs 660r

    yeah well he insists that it will out run the almighty yzf450 ,but i know thats crap.. i just wanted to know if and and how bad hed beet my 660 raptor. I cant exactly get it out and race him..Last time i ran him on my ttr125 (lmao) and the cops got us.. any way even in that race he was 4th pinned and he didnt walk away from me tht bad.. Now i wonder if my ttr will outrun a 300ex. srtaight line only
  7. tTr_125_racr

    90' rm250 vs 660r

    ok thanks.. well he says that his rmx will out run the yfz450(4-wheeler) and the yz450f(dirtbike) ,but im a little skeptical now..
  8. tTr_125_racr

    Who's ure #1 MX parts provider

    bike bandit?
  9. tTr_125_racr

    90' rm250 vs 660r

    sorry guys a 660 raptor. does that help any?
  10. tTr_125_racr

    90' rm250 vs 660r

    cant find any other website to post this so i'll do it here... My friend has a 90' rm 250 well its really a rmx ,but hes trying to convert it. and i have a 05' 660 which is faster in accel and top end please help!!?
  11. tTr_125_racr


    darn im sorry well does anyone have expierence with the pipe?
  12. tTr_125_racr


    they had dyno's ,but not on the dmc
  13. tTr_125_racr


    DMC Exhaust for Yamaha TTR125L/R/E Did anyone know they made exhaust for ttr 125?? if so is it nice??? dmc
  14. tTr_125_racr

    cr250r or cr125

    dont worry about the bikes being to much for him from his 150. I went from a ttr125 to a 660 raptor