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    Show your PIG

    Front end consists of Ohlins for an '01 CR250. Talon hubs for an XR650 with 17" black chrome rims, not sure of make, they fit. BrakKing 320mm rotor MotoMaster 4 piston calipher with modified bracket. Avon Distanzia 120/70/17 The front end has saved my butt a few times. Very forgiving. CR450 front end would be a nice conversion. Another shot from '05 when it had a gremica calipher on the right. Much cleaner now.
  2. Super-Don

    Show your PIG

    Spring (2005) Summer (2005) Last Summer (09): For 2010, I Made some changes, moto master, hand guards, signals, exhaust. Still needs a good cleaning though. Motomaster......Mmmmmmmm. Dashboard with an old Garmin for the speedo. Front with the handguards and Buel turn signals. This Winters project is HID lights and possibly LED turn signals.
  3. Super-Don

    Show your PIG

    Still need to do some brake re-working but it does the job. Woot
  4. Super-Don

    Acerbis Sahara Tank for XR650R on XR650L

    thanks guys, that was my thought. But the tank R tank looks so much better and comes in red. The L tank only comes in white , bleah... Any site or thread that I can see XRL's with the clark or IMS tanks? Or any user pics? If it was still used as a duely I wouldn't mind the looks so much. Thanks again.
  5. anyone fit an Acerbis Sahara (6 gal) tank on an 03 XR650L? What mods can I look forward to or can it just swap? Thanks.