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  1. aptpenn

    Any of you ladies start riding over 30?

    Have fun. I've taken up riding and ice hockey both at almost 40.
  2. aptpenn

    Bike Size for girlfriend 5'2"

    The TTR125LE is a fun little bike to ride. Plan on doing some suspension work though. It's too soft stock. I was riding very aggressive and it still bottomed out.
  3. aptpenn

    Aug. 7 ride possible?

    I live by Canon City and work in Colorado Springs. We do most of our riding in the southern parts of the state. Planning on doing a overnite trip over Tincup/Hancock Pass in a couple of weeks.
  4. aptpenn

    Aug. 7 ride possible?

    Welcome to Colorado.
  5. aptpenn

    Its definately summer!!!

    That's one nice thing here in Colorado. Head up the mountains! Yesterday at 10,000 feet it was overcast and 75.
  6. aptpenn

    Best fork springs

    I put the BBR springs on front and rear and it made a difference. Just put cartridge emulators in last night.
  7. aptpenn

    Help! Adjust preload on rear shock

    We bought a spanner wrench but just not enough room to use it. Large screwdriver and a hammer does the job.
  8. aptpenn

    National Anthem - Please stand up!

    As a five year old my son would tell people to stand up and take their hats off.
  9. aptpenn

    Installing springs and seals

    I installed the BBR fork and shock springs last night on my bike. Alot easier than I thought it would be. Can already feel a difference just around the house. Can't wait to try it out on the trails.
  10. aptpenn

    TTR125LE bar height question

    I'm only 5'2" and felt the bars were too low also. I just put some taller Renthal bars on mine and it made a world of difference standing up while trail riding.
  11. aptpenn

    Penrose OHV Area

    Lots of rock. Hot in the summer.
  12. aptpenn

    Should You Wake A Sleeping TTR125 ?

    I just put taller bars on my ttr125le and it made a world of difference out trail riding.
  13. Try a Mopar part number 56045795AB. It is a blue connector with 4 wires and a paper with instructions on it.
  14. aptpenn

    Riding Ouray?

    We love the Lake City area. Shouldn't be hard on a bike. We've rode it on bikes and and ATV's. Jeeps have a lot harder time on the trails. Ploughkeepsie Gulch is the only place we wouldn't let our then 4 year old ride the atv in one area. Rode down about 200 feet then walked him through. The weather changes alot. Been snowed on just about everytime we've been.
  15. aptpenn

    Generator & A/C

    If you plan on going anywhere with altitude figure on a bigger generator. We had been researching this for awhile. Everything we looked at that would be large enough was heavy and expensive. Finally found a setup that we just bought. Instead of one large generator it uses 2 Honda eu2000i generators and a parallel connector. If we need the A/C or microwave we use both. If just charging the batteries we use one. So far it works great and is quiet. Was less expensive and lighter than the Yamaha generator we were looking at.