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  1. bobbyward

    YZ250X Bog/blubber

    You might want to go to a # 8 slide, mine didn't run clean just off the bottom, the slide helped.
  2. bobbyward

    Old frame, new motor?

    I have a spare cylinder but I don't want to sell, do you have a local yamaha dealer ? Should be able to get a new rod and bearings, Eric Gorr should be able to help on a cylinder exchange.
  3. bobbyward

    Old frame, new motor?

    I've never had problems finding parts for my 92.
  4. bobbyward

    rear swing arm info.

    Wasn't there a link with info on updating to the newer 4 stroke rear suspension for the older yz's ? my search didn't bring anything up, yes i'm sure i missed it some place .
  5. bobbyward

    94 WR250 gearbox oil?

    Tractor fluid also. Really anything other then water works.
  6. bobbyward

    yz 125 18 inch rear wheel?

    Think just about any wr will work or yz, 4 strokes 09 up carry a larger axle.
  7. bobbyward

    EG YZ 295 jetting and ignition timing

    Yamabond for everything. Best sealant I have ever used.
  8. bobbyward


    I have raced it 4 times, 1st 3 of those times.. In the old days I had them new and raced the wheels off of them. Felt so good getting back on one after years.
  9. bobbyward

    yz 125 foul plug and not starting.

    I think I would test the compression also. When you cleaned the carb, did you remove and check jet sizes ?
  10. bobbyward

    Case splitting with harmonic balancer puller

    It's a old one, it has 4 slots, 2 straight across from each other, those are the 2 you use.
  11. bobbyward

    EG YZ 295 jetting and ignition timing

    My 295 has a 8 slide, 168 and either a 38 or 42 pilot. Have to double ck, but what matters is what your plug says, it tells the story if you need smaller or larger jets. My 295 is off road with great tractor type power.
  12. bobbyward

    Case splitting with harmonic balancer puller

    I've used the same thing, just get 2 long bolts and take your time.
  13. bobbyward


    Go to vintage races and there are alot of old yamaha it's there.
  14. bobbyward


    Good power and very dependable.
  15. bobbyward


    I love my 200.